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Vegan Diet: A quick look at a plant-based diet

World is becoming more aware of healthy life and for this reasons there are many diet styles are applied by people who wants to follow a healthy diet. Vegan diet is one of them. Vegan diet is becoming increasingly popular and healthier choice for many people every day and actually when the vegan diet is applied correctly, it provides a lot of health benefits. Here is a couple of them!

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A healthy nutrition program, considering the benefits such as thinning the waist circumference and keeping the blood sugar under control, the importance of vegan nutrition becomes clearer. However, when it is not applied correctly, a nutritional program based only on herbal foods can sometimes cause nutritional deficiencies. In vegan nutrition; since all animal products, including meat, eggs and dairy products have been abandoned, replacing them with the same nutritional value of plant nutrients is very important.

Vegan nutrition can help you to lose weight!

Vegans are thinner than non-vegan. In this respect, it can be thought that a large number of people are turning to vegan nutrition in order to lose more weight. In addition to vegan nutrition, physical activity and other healthy habits can also accelerate the weight loss process. Researchers report that people who feed vegan in general have lost more weight than those consuming restricted calories, even though they eat until they feel satisfied. The tendency to consume less calories in the vegan diet may result from higher fiber intake.

Vegan nutrition promotes heart health!

Vegan nutrition supports heart health. Observational studies on this subject have shown that the risk of developing high blood pressure for vegans is 75% and the risk of dying from heart disease is 42% lower. Vegan diets; It is much more effective in lowering blood sugar, bad (LDL) and total cholesterol compared to other diets.

it can reduce the risk of cancer!

Increasing the consumption of vegetables in nutrition can reduce the risk of cancer or death from cancer by about 15%.

It can slow the course of Alzheimer’s disease!

Observational studies of vegan nutrition indicate that the vegan diet can help reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

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