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Varsities day 2 GCD 58-74 TCD

The Griffith college male/female team were both off to a winning streak. They had won a fashionable 4 out of 4 games altogether.

Unfortunately, things did not remain the same on day 2 for Griffith. They had a huge defeat to Trinity.  They also had a tight game with UL in the morning with the score to UL 66-64 GCD.

Trinity College – 2018 Varsities Champions

Kelsey Carey and Kristine Miller tried to battle it out shooting 42 baskets altogether but it wasn’t enough to beat Trinity.

Credits: Ashley Callery 

Overall, Trinity kept up their pace, shot some amazing baskets and had some great tactics to get their win. You could clearly see that Griffiths dribbling drills were on point but there were far too many missed shots which lead to their downfall. If they didn’t miss these it would’ve been a very tight game.

Shannon Brady really racked the points up their rebounds were all successful and it was in Trinity favour for the very start to win the game as their score racked up immensely from the very first quarter.

This meant Griffith was out of the finals. Their American scholar player made a huge impact with 21 points. Their MVP winner was later announced was Shannon Brady got a whopping 35 points.


Women’s Div A – Full results and tables here:

Semi Finals 

DCU 47-30 DIT

UU 56-45 UCC

Pool 1

DCU 63-38 UCC

CIT 52-31 NUIG

Pool 2

ITC 42-69 UU, 12pm

LYIT 48-66 DIT

Men’s Division B – Full results and tables here:

Semi Finals

DBS 45-60 UL

LIT 48-56 DCU

Quarter Finals 

DBS 66-53 UCD

UL 67-32 TCD

LIT 68-57 UCC

DCU 62-56 ITB

Pool 1

DKIT 47-72 DBS

Pool 2

UL 66-43 UCC

Pool 3

LIT 51-34 TCD

Pool 4

DCU 64-53 MU

Women’s Div B – Full results and tables here:

Semi Finals 

UCD 50-37 UL

GCD 58-74 TCD

Pool 1

LIT 51-66 MU

TCD 36-64 UCD

Pool 2

UL 66-64 GCD





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