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Varsities Day 1 – GCD 74-46 WIT (Women’s)

Varsities day 1 match reviews

The 66th Intervarsities basketball tournament got underway at the University of Limerick, with hugely competitive games across all of the divisions.

In the Men’s Division A, NUI Galway dominated their two group games, finishing the day unbeaten as too did Griffith College Dublin, who wrapped up the day with a win over LYIT.

In the Men’s Division B, games were played out across the four pools, with some big upsets along the way, leaving it all to play for tomorrow, while the Women’s Division B is still wide open with coveted final four spots still very much up for grabs.

Griffith College, division 2 league matches took places for the women. The match was completely action packed from beginning to end. However, WIT fell behind in the last quarter which left Griffith College to a huge lead at the end. There was in total 30 baskets from Kelsey Carey and 22 from Kristine Miller. There were some great rebounds from Sindhuri Shastri.

Overall, WIT lacked defence and missed out on pivotal rebounds. They fell a good bit behind and Griffith conquered the last round.

The Griffith College male team won 2 out of 2 of their games and were absolutely ecstatic about the end result. Dave Baker said ”It was a well-deserved win as they have been training non stop all season.”

LYIT fell behind but had some great free shots and rebounds. However, their defence and game plan were not in their favour.

                                                                         Credits: Ashley Callery 

A great day for Griffith College men/female teams! – Griffith College Dublin 69-56 LYIT


Results Day One – Friday, April 6th, 2018 

Men’s Division A – Full results and tables here:

Pool 1

CIT 64-76 Griffith College Dublin


NUIG 105-63 Cork IT (Men’s)

Griffith College Dublin 69-56 LYIT

Pool 2

UU 91-34 ITT

ITC 77-73 DIT

ITC 97-63 ITT

UU 87-55 DIT

Women’s Div A – Full results and tables here:

Pool 1

UCC 57-34 CIT

NUIG 30-71 DCU

DCU 78-41 CIT

UCC 42-46 NUIG

Pool 2

UU 73-48 LYIT

ITC 43-57 DIT

ITC 70-65 LYIT

UU 50-22 DIT

Men’s Division B – Full results and tables here:

Pool 1

DBS 72-50 ITB

DKIT 55-57 ITB

Pool 2

UL 73-37 GMIT

UCC 64-52 GMIT

Pool 3

LIT 72-46 AIT

TCD 49-40 AIT (Men’s)

Pool 4

UCD 49-63 DCU

UCD 53-47 MU

Women’s Div B – Full results and tables here:

Pool 1 

LIT 32-84 TCD

MU 20-60 UCD

GCD 74-46 WIT (Women’s)

MU 41-69 TCD

LIT 26-51 UCD

Pool 2

UL 52-57 WIT



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