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The Mind-Blowing Van Gogh Exhibit You Don’t Want To Miss!

Picture Rob Kenny PR

Van Gogh, The Immersive Experience, coming to Dublin from 16 May to 4 August 2022, is definitively not to be missed, taking over the Shelbourne Hall at the RDS.

An absolute rarity in its field, Van Gogh Dublin is an impressive 20,000 square foot light and sound spectacle, featuring two-story projections of several of the artist’s most compelling works.

The organisers and masterminds behind the event are Dublin-based company, Theatre of Light and multi-award-winning content powerhouse Nohlab.

As part of the exhibit, visitors will be taken on a journey in to evolution of art, science and light, with the opportunity to view three award-winning contemporary pieces of Nohlab’s digital art, some of which are displayed in the Atelier des Lumières in Paris.

The installation uses digital art projections, music and voice overs to inspire attendees and brings a new modern perspective to Van Gogh’s iconic paintings.

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Under the slogan ” have you ever stepped into a painting” the exhibition has been touring since 2017 and amazed over 5 million visitors worldwide, receiving rave reviews and sell-out shows

When asked about what makes this immersive experience by one of the world’s most iconic artists so inspiring and different, Project Director Jillian Wilson said, “visitor’s will be immersed in Van Gogh’s artwork and history, while experiencing audio-visual storytelling at its finest. His masterpieces will be transformed into advanced digital formats, using multiple digital approached and facades, using an innovative Artificial Intelligence interpretation of his paintings.”

The exhibition is suitable for a wide audience, and follows all public health guidelines; being all digital, hands free and perfect for social distancing. Naturally, the event welcomes guests of all ages and will be easily accessible to visitors with reduced mobility being Hall 2 in RDS at ground level.

For more information or to secure your tickets, you can also follow Van Gogh Dublin on Instagram or Twitter.

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9 Responses

  1. What a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in Van Ghogh’s soul and colours ! Thank you Raffaella for this precious suggestion, I can’t wait to try this experience.

  2. Sûrement une expérience à vivres pour qui aura la possibilité d’être à Dublin dans ce période.
    Une façon différente de connaître l’art de Van Gogh en visitant une ville qui vous réservera beaucoup de surprises.
    Merci Raffaella !

  3. Another very insightful and interesting article from Raffaella. I absolutely loved the idea of being immersed into Van Gogh’s masterpieces. What could be even better than seeing a painting? Being part of it! Diving into the striking colours of the greatest Master of impressionism.

  4. A very insightful article that allows us to get a distant taste of such masterpiece; a very warm desire to be able to visit as soon as possible in order to delight my eyes. Great article, no doubts!

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