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Valuing The Simple Things In Life

Wow! It’s only April and it feels like a long year already because of all that’s happening around us. Coronavirus has gripped the world with apprehension and pinned us to our couches.

It wasn’t too long when we were chanting carols, mounting trees, savouring the red lights in the streets and ushering year 2020 with beautiful fireworks. No, we didn’t see this health crisis coming. If we did, at least not so soon.

To think that a lot of people who partook in those fun activities as us and started the year with lots of dreams, have all gone six feet under. It’s pitiful but at the same time frightening.

Ironically, it has taken death to make us appreciate life. It has taken a virus to make us value the small things – handshakes, hugs, hangouts, family time, arts, exercising, reading, meditation, cooking and so on.

This pandemic has even shown us how equal and united humans can be. There’s no need to be racist about it.

Indeed, everyone wants this pandemic to phase out quickly. It will. We all want to get back to our normal lives. We will.

But the question is, when the virus is no longer headline news, would we internalize these lessons?  Would we let our new habits live on through, manifesting in our relationship with others?

Here’s a video capturing the mood in Dublin right now:


Your turn. What has the lockdown taught you and what do you miss? Feel free to share your other experiences in the comments section below.

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