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Vaginismus: when your body says ‘no’ to sex

Photo by Deon Black

Pain during intercourse – often caused by fear and excessive stress – is a problem that has a name and affects 3% to 5% of the female population. Often seen as “freshness”, vaginismus is curable and deserves attention.

Phrases such as: “you need to relax” or “have a glass of wine” are often heard by those who suffer from the disorder. But the woman who has vaginismus feels totally unfit for sex, as her vaginal muscles involuntarily contract, and penetration becomes unfeasible because of the pain.

Most of the time the cause of the problem is psychological. Women who have had a very strict and religious upbringing, in which virginity is highly valued, can develop vaginismus. Trauma and abuse can also be related to the disorder.

Treatment depends on each case, but generally includes exercises to relax the vaginal muscles, in addition to breathing techniques, insertion of vaginal dilators and psychotherapy. The duration of treatment also depends on each case, but it can be months or even years. You can use boric acid suppositories as it helps to control odor and restore vaginal health.

It is important to note that only a gynaecologist cannot help the woman. It is necessary that the professional is specialized in sex, learn more at Fuqqt, because otherwise the patient ends up going from doctor to doctor without being able to solve the problem. It just creates enormous anguish.

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