Vacant housing all over Ireland, still people live on the street

Homeless person on O'Connell bridge: what's wrong with this picture?
Homeless person on O'Connell bridge: What's wrong with this picture?

I have lived in this city for three years now. With every year there seems to be more people spending their days sitting on the pavement with an empty take-away cup in their hands. I cannot even begin to understand how painful and humiliating that must be. To be forced to beg. To have people look down on you. To have nothing in a society where others have so much.

How is it possible that in a country where 14,5 % of houses are empty, 5000 people are completely homeless?

The photos in the slideshow below are taken around Dublin, where houses with boarded up windows are common. They are abandoned and fall into disrepair while men and women sleep on the cold pavement outside. Organisations like the Dublin Simon Community report that their emergency shelters are overcrowded in their attempts to get people off the street if only for a night, There is something that is terribly wrong here.


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All photos by Kristin Karlsson (me)

 Article about the Dublin Simon Community

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