USI Student Achievement Awards 2013.








The USI Student Achievement of the Year Awards, took place on Thursday night in the Shelbourne Hotel.

They were presented by the comedian Colin Murphy.






Who opened the night talking about Social Media and the effects it has had on the nation, because no matter what we do, we have to document it on Twitter or Facebook. He said “If you do something nobody else gives f**k, does the rest of the world need to know NO” .

The award ceremony is the first of its kind for the USI, because they usually have the awards during National Congress.

The first award of the night was for Publication for Publication of the Year, and was presented by Stephen Rae editor of the Irish Independent. This award was presented to Trinity College, and while presenting the award Rae said that reading and looking through all the nominations, “the future of journalism is bright”.

Journalist of the year was given to Tommy Galvin, University Time, because of his courageous reports, colourful and engaging manner.

The reason I was there was because two of my friends Kathryn and Amee were nominated for Equality and Welfare week.



And so the next award was the one we had been anticipating for the night, it was the award for Equality Week, unfortunately the girls were unsuccessful this year, and were beaten by Trinity College.

And the Award following that was for Welfare. where the girls were again defeated and this time by GMIT, because of the “great impact they had on the physical and mental welfare of their students” .

The final Award of the night was for Outstanding Contribution to Student Life. Luke Savage, IT Sligo SU was the winner of this award, when his name was called out, the rest of the students rose to their feet as a sin of respect for the late Luke, who passed away after battling his illness with Acquired Brain Injury.

The Award was presented to the IT’s Student Union President, and Luke’s parents were also present. While giving the award  Coly McGivern, (former President of Queen’s Students’ Union and current Director of the British Council UK), spoke of the exceptional work that Luke did for the Student Union of Sligo, and that no matter what he did, all he thought about was the other students and what he could do to help them.

What struck me the most about going to these awards, and not ever before having been apart of a Student Union, or knowing anything about what a Student Union does, but after attending these awards, it is clear that there is a tight bond between every student union across the country, and it is heartening to see that each of them is there to do good for all students.






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