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VIDEO – Understand the Kurds’ situation in 2 minutes.

pkk soldier

Since the 9th of October violent fights occurred in the Rojava. A region claimed by the Kurds living in the North of Syria. On the other side of the border, Turkish military troops launched an offensive to take back what Tayyip Recep Erdogan called “a security zone”. Since the beginning of this offensive hundreds of people died and fled the area to save their lives. Now that the international community, especially Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, started to deal with the Turkish President the situation tends to become more intricate than ever.
Thousands of people have to flee their villages after the Turkish offensive.

23rd of October update on the situation

Tuesday, the 22nd of October, Putin and Erdogan negotiated in Russia, the fate of hundreds of thousands Kurdish. They both decided to send their troops and “disarm” Kurdish soldiers. An agreement qualified as “Historic” by the two presidents. But this could have important repercussions on the region’s stability. IS is still sleeping in the area even if the Kurds troops captured more than 10 000 of them. Bachar Al Assad, the Syrian president will also have to react, he already declared that I will support the Kurds. The situation in the area, that has been pacified little by little, could become worse than ever for people living here and the beginning of a new worldwide conflict, impacting, again and again, middle-east populations.

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