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Uncommon opinions about National Youth Service Corps (NYSC): Twitter Feed Attached

picture by Odubu Blossom

Picture of NYSC Corps members marching at the NYSC orientation camp in Abuja. Picture by the Author.

The National Youth Corps (NYSC) is a one-year mandatory programme for every Nigerian, after the completion of a first degree. During this programme, the corps members are expected to stay in an orientation camp for three weeks to be briefed on what the programme is about.

We often hear the worst stories about the NYSC orientation camps, such as stories of people fainting as a result of the heat of the sun, people falling ill because of the condition of the orientation camps, and they are even some stories about people losing their lives in camps.

A picture of the NYSC Corps members going through camp drills at the orientation camp in Abuja. Picture by the Author.

Contrary to popular belief, people say they had a wonderful time during those three weeks in camp. So I took to Twitter to ask Nigerians that have gone through the orientation camps what their opinions about the NYSC orientation are, here is what they had to say.

Discussions on Twitter on Uncommon Opinions about the NYSC orientation camp.

Some people think it was good

Some people think it should be scraped totally or evaluated

Have you been to the NYSC orientation camp? what are your opinions about it?

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