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Unaccompanied learner who crashed trying to avoid a Garda Checkpoint had no tax and tested positive for cannabis

A learner driver in Naas was arrested on Friday night after he tried to avoid a Garda checkpoint, but swung into a railing instead.

The man was driving unaccompanied on a learner’s permit and tried to swing his car around at speed after seeing the Garda checkpoint.

Gardaí found that the man’s car was untaxed and he later tested positive for cannabis use. The man’s blood sample was taken and he was arrested at the scene.

The car that was driven into the railings
Photo Credit: Garda Press Office

Gardaí confirmed that the man awaits a court hearing having already had his car impounded.

“A car approached [the checkpoint in Nass] at speed,” they said.

“On seeing Gardaí, the car swung to the right & collided with railings. The driver was an unaccompanied Learner and tested positive for cannabis.

“He was arrested and a blood specimen was taken. The car, which is also untaxed, was impounded and court is to follow.”

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