Does the type of glass affect the taste of Guinness

Guinness Glass- different stages

With over 10 million pints of Guinness sold each day, it comes as no surprise that it is a well-loved drink but the question that bartenders or Guinness connoisseurs alike have an opinion on is whether or not the glass it is served in effects the taste.

Since the rise of craft beers, there has also been an increase of the different type of glasses they can come in.  Some glasses — like a thinner pilsner-style glass are great for naturally fizzier beers. They will have less liquid in contact with the bottom of the glass, causing a smaller head. Bubbles are also important for releasing the beers’ aromas. When bubbles in the head burst, they spray a miniscule amount of liquid into the air, reaching your nose and tickling your sense of smell with delightful bouquets. To accentuate this, glasses with a tapered head concentrate the aroma and force the drinker’s nose closer to the beer.

However, is it the same for Guinness? The post-2012 Guinness glasses (the Gravity glass) seemed to have caused an uproar among the die-hard Tulip drinkers, causing to them even making facebook pages and petitions to discontinue them. 8/10 Irish bartenders that were asked, said that Guinness in tulip glasses poured a better pint because the head on gravity glasses are never quite right.

What do you reckon? Do you believe the glass makes the difference? Share your opinion.

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