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Twitter’s Best Hair Care Follows For New Tips and Tricks

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

Whether you’re in need for a new hair care regimen or just curious to know the latest trends in hair care and products, Twitter is one of the best places to start your search.

Looking up hashtags such as #haircare #healthyhair #hairproducts #hairtips is one way to look at the long list of accounts and tweets dedicated to hair health and styling, but here are some that are worth checking out for new tips and inspiration.

@Hairstylings on Twitter is an account run by Kim Jackson (@Queen), a freelance social media manager and writer from Cheshire, UK. This Twitter feed is active and full of hair inspiration pictures and videos on how to do specific styles on yourself and on others.


@Holleewoodhair is a great account to follow for more in depth tips about haircare. The account is run by licensed cosmetologist Hollee Wood from Carson City, NV. Many of the tweets posted by Hollee link directly to her blog and are fully supported with instructions and product information. This is definitely one to check out.


@Healthyafrohair is an account run by Julie Oli from London,UK. Julie posts inspiring hair care tips and tutorials all while she goes through her own hair journey. There is a lot of useful information for people who have curly and afro hair types on her feed and also has a youtube channel where she goes into detail about her personal hair journey.



@Bloc_hair1 is run by Alan Short, founder of Bloc salon from Reading,UK. He has over 22 years of experience in the hair industry and posts hair tips, cutting tutorials, and luxury product reviews on his Twitter account. He prides himself on his attention to detail and stays updated on all of the latest trends in hair and fashion. His Twitter is a must follow if you want great step-by-step hair styling and cutting tutorials.


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