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There used to be a code of conduct when you were a fan in the 1990’s, buy the artists cassette tape,poster or CD. If you were one of the lucky ones you might have got to a concert with your parents and screamed to at the top of your lungs when they said “We love you Dublin” even though artists say that everywhere they go. Now If you are shocked by that last statement then stop reading this ,because Im uncovering a whole species of new fans and it isnt pretty.


My first concert was Westlife, I sat with my mother and childhood friend….It was the best experience of  my childhood days. I loved it, I  bought a t-shirt and one of those flashing plastic lights that seem very useful at the time but once the battery dies (half an hour into the concert )you realise it wasn’t the smartest idea.

Now though fans have taken it to a new extreme. Twitter has become home to some of the strangest fan obsessions with artists such as One Direction and Justin Bieber  and for those of you who use the social networking site you will be aware of the constant interactions these musicians recieve from their fans.

Now call me old fashioned but in my day, fans were fans that admired music, went home and lived a pretty normal life.

But things have  changed  with the up and coming fans of late and they are quite disturbing.


Cut for Bieber

cut for bieber

#cutforbieber began to trend on the Twitter just a few short months ago. Dozens of gory images were posted by fans to the singer to appeal to him not to take drugs.This was seen by most Twitter users as step too far for fansa .


Get “insert generic pop artist” 1 million followers

This has got to be the most annoying thing that Twitter has done for humankind. Not only does it allow for artists to fill the world in on what they are eating, it too has lead them to recieve free publicity with minimal effort. The ironic thing is these teens, dont get anything in return apart from the odd retweet, which is hardly something that will go on the top your CV.

For Example; Education: BA Journalism and Visual Media

MA in getting Celebrities to press the retweet button.



Hatemail towards Wags and Habs

In 2012 One direction star Harry Styles was dating Caroline Flack (presenter of the Xtra Factor). When this romance was announced fans in their droves tweeted the Ms. Flack. These tweets contained death threats, bullying comments about her appearance and subsequent jeering about the age gap between the couple.

The image below prompted Flack to involve the Police


What ever happend to putting a pen to paper, and recieving a generic photo with fake signature in return,hey?

Have you any more Freaky fan stories?


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  1. I don’t know who this ‘fansa’ you speak of is but clearly he went a bit too far for most twitter users!! Boooo Fansa!

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