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Twitter Community to Encourage Positive Thinking During Difficult Times

Photo by Binti Malu on Pexels.

Ever since the onset of the pandemic the word “positive” now seems to be entirely associated with the worst-case scenario in recent Covid-19 times. I only became fully aware of this two months ago when I told a friend to “stay positive” and he replied, “you better stay negative.” I was talking about remaining a positive mind when he was obviously referring to a negative Covid-19 test. During these very frustrating times affecting everyone globally, I have noticed for myself that it is quite difficult to remain positive thoughts throughout the day. All news circulating and entire private conversations seem to be on the pandemic and how it restricts and negatively impacts our lives. 

To become more aware of the positive moments that make myself and others happy throughout the day (which are still there, we just have to look closely and appreciate the little things) I have started #remainapositivemind on Twitter. 

This provides a space for users to share their positive thoughts and happy moments each day. Not just gives it the opportunity for people to focus on their own positive moments but also creates an entire positive environment by sharing highlights and reading through others’ happy moments.

#remainapositivemind does not in any way try to offend anybody who might have tested positive or has been directly affected by the virus in any way. This community‘s purpose is to merely provide a space for people to stand together, freely share their positive thoughts and encourage others to appreciate the little things in life during these difficult times affecting us all.

Feel free to turn to Twitter and use the hashtag to share your positive thoughts and daily highlights. Be part of a positive environment that is desperately needed during these difficult times.
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