TV Remakes : The good the bad and the ugly

In honour of the upcoming TV series based on the 2009 film Zombieland we are going to take a look at a few of the best and worst TV remakes of recent years.








 1)      The Walking Dead


The extremely popular Walking Dead television series is based on the critically acclaimed ongoing comic book of the same name, which began in 2003. This series is one of the few that shows just how great a TV series based on an existing product can be. The comic itself continues to be widely read and well liked and the television show, despite changing several aspects of the story manages to have a huge fanbase too. Definitely one of the best examples of a successful TV adaption.


2)      Charlies Angels


This is an unusual example of a TV show that had a successful run, which then inspired a movie remake, which in turn inspired a new TV series. Unfortunately for Charlie and his angels while the initial series was a huge hit, the movies received mixed reviews and the rebooted TV show lasted only 8 episodes before cancellation.


3)      True Blood


The award winning vampire TV show True Blood is based on Charlaine Harris’s book series “The Southern Vampire Mysteries but has overtaken the books in terms of popularity. Roughly adapting the story of each book into a single season there looks to be enough content to keep this series going for years to come.


4)      The Office


The Office is case of a TV show being remade in a different country and like many such shows, the judgement of whether it is a worthwhile adaption often depends on which version you saw first. There are some fans who will rant and rave about how the British version of the Office was far superior and others who will do the same for the American. Viewing figures suggest though that each was an extremely successful TV show watched by millions so we can safely judge it a quality remake.


RATING: GOOD/BAD/UGLY (No matter what I say there will be a group of fans who disagree)


5)      Parenthood


The 1989 film Parenthood inspired a 12 episode TV series in 1990 which was loosely remade in 2010. While the first TV series was cut short the 2010 Parenthood has received positive reviews all round and continues to this day.



So what do you think, are TV remakes worthwhile? Which Office is better? Did I leave out your favourite remake? Leave a comment below. 


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