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Turn Up the Music Sexually

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Sex without music is said to be like a gust of wind. A wind that’s sudden, short yet strong. Most people don’t believe in the idea of playing songs during sex because they feel it is not needed. To find out more about the subject, visit Pornkai

Others believe that making a long-ass playlist for a short period is pointless. However, the truth is that music sets a tone, which creates an atmosphere that aids in the production of high levels of oxytocin. Plus, you can’t go wrong with music and intimacy.

“We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love” as Tom Robbins once said and music may often be useful in this regard. When you have that one person with whom you are deeply connected to, you would want to explore all of your fantasies with them, and the only way to do so is to unlock the depths of your emotions and let the rhythm of the song(s) guide you.

In an article for the good trade, Alexandra Fine, the CEO and Co-founder of dame – an organization for sexual wellbeing, indicated that incorporating music into one’s sex life can improve intimacy as it makes one more desirable and “Its incorporation can be great for fantasies or role-play.” 

When it comes to sex, the genre and tempo of the songs you add to your playlist are also essential, as music can be used in the same way as any Sexcessory. There are many benefits of having a sex playlist and using it. This podcast explains why you should have a sex playlist and the artists you should include at the very least.

Listen to the podcast below: 

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