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Truth Apparel – Fashion that carries a message

Osayi Enogieru is the founder of Irish clothing brand Truth Apparel, passionate about spreading the gospel message through fashion. Since 2021, he has been active in finding design ideas, producing good and sustainable quality clothing and using social media to represent his brand.

Meet Osayi and find out more about his personal story behind the brand.

What is your favourite clothing piece and why?

And I do love good jeans and trousers. Knitwear and sweatshirt too. And Dr Martens and Fear of God are brands that have really inspired me indirectly for my own business.

When you think of the word “fashion”, what is the first thing you associate with it?

I would say fashion for me is a way of showing yourself. Fashion is how you want to represent yourself. It depends on how you want to see this, but to some level, the way you represent yourself also shows a bit of your creativity.

How did the idea of starting a clothing brand first arise?

I’m an engineer and I love clothes and fashion. I think it is a great way to express yourself as a person and also use fashion to send a message and to talk about issues in society. 

The passion and interest in fashion was there, but it wasn’t the main reason why I started.

What is the message you want to spread?

The name “Truth” just came about, based on my own personal experience. I think I’ve lived a life where I knew nothing about God and I was purposeless.

And when I thought about making the clothes, I thought about how it could come close to reflect the truth. The clothes will be nice, high quality and so on. But how can I connect this message to the brand?

How do you come up with your design ideas?

I normally pray about this most of the time, and sometimes when I’m not thinking about it, the message just comes. I just write it down and I definitely have a notebook where I have a lot of ideas.

Most of my designs are mistakes. It just shows how much you plan sometimes, but what makes things really powerful is not having to plan. And when I’m convinced that this is the design I want to release, then I start to go into more details.

So the Genesis collection was like a bridge to talk about the start of the brand.

How does your process look like when designing clothes?

I produce my clothes through “Cut Make Trim” where you actually make everything from scratch. The trims are like pieces that need to be part of the actual fabric, like the buttons or zips. That way you can definitely control almost everything. The type of fabric and the colour are 100% organic in terms of the origin and the manufacturer of the fabric.

In the last collection, it was the first time introducing knitwear to the brand. Our wool was made in New Zealand by certified farmers and is 100% organic. Also the packaging is all about degradable materials.

Truth Apparel clothing is actually made in Europe and the last collection was produces in Italy.

Thank you Osayi for the chat!

As important as the online presence is for Osayi, he would like to go offline more because he wants to be more involved in the community. And it begins next week with the opening of a pop-up store in Dublin on 23 March.


3rd Anniversary 🎉🍾 Pop-Up Shop | After-Party. 23rd March | Dublin Join us in celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of Truth Apparel. We are delighted 🙂 to have you with us to make this day special. Our physical store 🛍️ will be open for the day, followed by an after-party. 🍾 Stay tuned. 🙏 #truthapparel #beamessenger #ireland🍀 #irishbrand #irishbusiness #jesuschrist #christianclothing #christianfashion #christianblogger #faithblogger #streetwear #jesusgirl #childofgod #faithandfashion #wearyourfaith #christianapparel #christiancreative #faithoverfear #godfirst #madeinireland #localbusiness #sustainablefashion #essentialwear #goodnewsfeed #goddesign #gracemakers #lampandlight #faithfilled #godpromises

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