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Trump on Covid-19

Since the outset of the corona virus, President Donald Trump has done nothing but deny that it was an actual issue. He dusted off the news about the virus calling it a “hoax”. He was convinced or rather trying to convince the public that the “media coverage of the widespread of the disease was just part of a political conspiracy to destroy his presidency.” He disregarded the significance of the virus and said it is “no worse than the seasonal flu.” He even brought out statistics comparing the virus to the flu saying that an average of 27,000 and 70,000 Americans die every year from the common flu. He cleared that nothing will be shut down and “life & the economy go on”.

Above is a tweet from the President on the control of the virus situation. He misinformed the public saying everything was under control and that the stock market was “starting to look very good” when in reality it wasn’t.


Trump’s recent tweets especially about the coronavirus have all been either false, misleading or totally undermined. On February 7th2020, he claimed that the virus weaken in the month of April as the weather would be warmer and that would have a negative effect on the virus when it was actually too early to determine if that was actually the case. He also claimed that anybody that wants to get a test can get a test when in reality the “testing capabilities were severely limited.” Another claim made by him was that “Google engineers are building a website to help Americans determine whether they need testing for the coronavirus and to direct them to their nearest testing site.” This announcement was so false that it turned out to be news to Google itself.

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