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Triathlon: Pain and happiness at the same time

Photo by mali maeder from Pexels

For the people on the sideline, it might seem insane what the participants of Triathlon events are doing. Swimming on its own can be tough. Cycling can be cruelly hard, even dangerous when you cycle on open roads. Running requires a lot of effort from the heart, lungs, and muscles. So why do more and more people do each of these sports in a row, when even one alone is strenuous enough? Deborah Carr from Pulse Triathlon Club speaks about the pain and joy of this hobby, which combines all the main kinds of endurance sports.


[divider]When and why did you start Triathlon?[/divider]

“I have just returned from the army and was looking for a challenge. I cycled a little and was teaching spin classes, plus I always run slow long distances. Then I tried duathlon with a few friends in January 2018 and thought: Wow, this hurts – there has to be an easier multisport. Triathlon was my answer. In April 2018 I did my first “Try a Tri“.”

[divider]What do you love about it?[/divider]

“I love the training and the Camaraderie. Also, I love that the three disciplines give lots of variety.”

[divider]What do you hate about it?[/divider]

“The early mornings, driving forever to races and then have to wait in the cold to start.”

[divider]How does your training look like?[/divider]

“I never let three days go by without a swim, a bike or a run. There is always one long bike session and one long run. I also do three days per week of weights and pilates.”

[divider]What is the most challenging thing about it?[/divider]

“The most challenging is not to keep the training at the discipline I like the most, which is swimming. You have to be very sensible and do the proper training. But you also need tapering, it is crucial!”

[divider]Who can do Triathlon?[/divider]

“Anyone who wants to, as long as they do it for themselves. I have seen five-year-olds to 80 years olds doing and loving it.”

[divider]What are your tips for beginners?[/divider]

1. Join a club.

2. Listen to the advice of someone in the know.

3. Wait before you buy expensive gear.

4. Always get a bike fit.

5. Eat enough.

6. When you stop liking it, stop doing it. Have fun ist the first.


Check out this video to see the magic of Triathlon:




Triathlon is a multisport that mixes the three main endurance sports swimming, cycling and running in this order. Races can be done in different distances. They start with sprint, where the participants swim 500 or 750 meters, cycle 20 and run 5 kilometers. The next longer is the Olympic distance. There the athletes swim 1.5, cycle 40 and run 10 kilometers. Another option is the middle distance with 1.9 kilometers of swimming, 90 kilometers cycling and a half marathon at the end. The Ironman is the longest distance, where participants swim 3.8 kilometers, are on the bike for 180 kilometers and finish with a marathon.


Crazy or interesting sport? Comment below what you think about Triathlon.

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