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Trends in nail art (Video)

Getting your nails done is not a recent phenomena. It started way back around 3,500 B.C with the ancient Babylonian men who used kohl to colour their nails with different colours representing different social classes. Fast forward to today with nail art, two-week manicures and nail extensions. According to Brandon Gaille, about $8.5 billion was spent on nail salon services in the United States alone in 2017.

The biggest trend for nails we’ve seen in the past decade is the rise in popularity of nail art across the world. Nail art is used to express culture and individuality. The Circular caught up with Nicole Teehan who manages one of Dublin’s most successful salons, Genevieve Beauty. She was the winner of Nail Techician of the year at the Beauty Industry Awards in 2017 and Dublin’s Nail Technician of the year in 2018 at the Hair and Beauty awards.

Nicole, are there any nail trends that come back year after year?

I find the nail trend that comes back every year is abstract nails. They come back in every spring/summer as they look so nice when done with pastel colours!

What’s the most popular nail colour so far this year?

The most popular colour so far this year has been pastel pink from Glitterbels! It comes into season every February for Valentine’s Day and then stays popular all through spring and summer.

What nail trends do you predict will be popular for spring/summer this year?

For spring/summer this year I can see fruit nails being popular. They are so simple yet so summery and look great for holidays and festivals! I also think Disney nails may be popular with all the new Disney film remakes being released.

What’s the craziest nail art request you’ve gotten?

The craziest nail art request I’ve ever got was probably black nails with “QUEEN” written in bold white letters across both hands.

Speaking of crazy nail art, check out the video clip below of the whackiest trends in nail art from the past five years. Who knows what will emerge for 2019!

If your nails are in need of some TLC or you’re looking to up your game with some nail art then get yourself an appointment at Genevieve Beauty, here at The Ciruclar we couldn’t recommend them enough. The salon is located at 6 Castlemarket street in Dublin city centre.

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