Travelling to Vietnam only with $999 for 2 weeks

Ha Long Bay - PhotoCredit Flickr Andrea Schaffer
Ha Long Bay - PhotoCredit Flickr Andrea Schaffer
Ha Long Bay - PhotoCredit Flickr Andrea Schaffer
Ha Long Bay – PhotoCredit Flickr Andrea Schaffer
Travelling to Viet Nam is not as expensive as you may have thought. If you would like to visit Viet Nam, what do yo think you would like to see? Where would you like to go? How will you get around? Here are some tips which will help you to have an enjoyable experience for your trip to Viet Nam, with a budget of around US$999.
 1/ How to travel
Every trip needs planning. Entrance to Viet Nam requires an official visa certification which is issued by the Vietnamese government Immigration department. You obtain an official tourist visa to Viet Nam by applying online via one of the official websites. After completing the application form and providing payment, you must wait for confirmation via email. A visa approval letter will be sent to your email within one week (maximum) of application.
Vietnam travel Visa - PhotoCredit Wiki
Vietnam travel Visa – PhotoCredit Wiki
2/ Flight ticket
In term of ticket booking, you could use the application Skyscanner to find the best flights with the cheapest tickets available. Tickets from Dublin to Viet Nam are usually around $467 for a one-way flight in June. The further you book, the cheaper the ticket becomes.
Finding cheap ticket – PhotoCredit Anne Truong
Finding cheap ticket – PhotoCredit Anne Truong
3/ Accommodation is always a good choice for online accommodation booking. Depending on where you are going to stay and what kind of accommodation you prefer. There are various of prices you can choose from. In Ho Chi Minh city ( Sai Gon ), a guest house can cost approximately $9-$11 per night. A four star hotel can cost around $ 25 – $ 40 per night. Room rental is cheaper in places like Nha Trang, Da Nang or Da Lat. If you travel to Vietnam for a period of about 15 days, then this could easily cost you between US$200 – US$300.
Resort - PhotoCredit Flickr Roderick Eime
Resort – PhotoCredit Flickr Roderick Eime
4/ Top tourist attractions
Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay is located in North Viet Nam. The bay comprises of a 120-kilometre long coastline, and is translated as “Bay of Descending Dragons”. Thousands of islands are surrounded by Ha Long Bay. Ha Long Bay is famous for enormous caves, others islands include lakes and some support floating villages of fishermen.
Hue is located in the central region of Viet Nam. From Ho Chi Minh city, you could visit Hue by plane, train or car. Hue only has one international airport situated at Phu Bai. The airport is 15 kilometres away from the city centre and should cost no more than $10 by taxi (30-minute ride). When you visit Hue, you should not skip these famous places such as the former Imperial Palace, which was modelled on the Forbidden City in Beijing, Hue Citadel which consists of a royal palace, tombs, Thien Mu Pagoda, Tu Duc Tomb and Khai Dinh Tomb. Most of these places do not charge an admission fee.
Ha Noi is the capital of Vietnam, and is also the second largest city in Vietnam. Ha Noi’s climate is a mix of tropical, cool and hot weather, depending on the time of year. There are fixed price taxis which offer fares ranging from USD$15-25 into the city. You can visit around Ha Noi by taxi ( it’s recommended to use Uber), cyclo or a motorbike ( if you feel confident to ride a bike). Some tourist attractions include the One-Pillar Pagoda, Fine Arts Museum, Museum of Ethnology, Temple of Literature – Văn Miếu, Ngoc Son Temple, Hoan Kiem Lake, Ho Tay – West Lake
 Hoi An
Hoi An is sometimes called the “Venice of Vietnam” because of the narrow canals that cut through part of the town. There are a lot of ancient houses in Hoi An. It is called Old Town. There are hundreds of tailors and souvenir shops in Hoi An, where tourist can buy a variety of gifts. It is easy to take a motorbike or taxi to and from Da Nang to Hoi An. You will be surprised because English is quite commonly used in the town.
NhaTrang/ Phu Quoc
If you want to get a tank and to go surfing on the beach, you can visit Nha Trang or Phu Quoc. Nha Trang is a beach city; there are a lot of restaurants and hotels for oversea tourist with affordable prices. don’t forget to try the seafood fresh from the ocean, when you visit Nha Trang and Phu Quoc.
5/ Food and Drink
Viet Nam is a top travel destination for food lovers, even if you’re on a budget. Most of the street food or local Vietnam eateries are so cheap. For the price of about US$3, you can have a very filling meal. Most of the food available in the country is made from vegetables, pork, beef and chicken. However, if you are a vegetarian, then the food can also be the right choice for you, as there are a variety of vegetarian meals and restaurants to choose from. If you are not very adventurous when it comes to food, there are also the fast food restaurants in Vietnam such as KFC, McDonalds, or Pizza Hut, etc. There are also western-style restaurants in the cities as well. When it comes to Vietnamese food, each region and locality have their own specialties, but start off with “pho bo” or beef noodle soup and you won’t go wrong. You can add “bun bo”, “hu tieu”, or “mi quang” to your meal as well.
Pho Bo - PhotoCredit TMAB2003 ( Flick)
Pho Bo – PhotoCredit TMAB2003 ( Flick)

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