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Traveling might be restricted but Sharing, Inspiration, and Virtual Touring isn’t

With the COVID’19  pandemic hitting the world, unknowingly, most of the individuals are feeling down as they had big plans for the Summer’20.

Summer vacation/ break is one of the things that everyone looks forward to and book a holiday to Greece/Indonesia/Thailand/Singapore or any country that one has been wanting to visit for a long time and saving money, counting the days to freedom.

With the lockdown restrictions, travel restrictions– travelers aren’t able to travel or any individual who just loves to travel or was looking forward to taking a break from their mundane routine can’t escape the monotony of the life. I feel you’re a pain.

This is a Facebook community for like-minded people who love to travel no matter their ethnicity, religion, traveling with family/solo/ couples, budgeted, or not. There are no criteria that one has to fulfill to join in this group except to avoid posting hateful comments.

If you have a zeal for adventure or just are a wanderlust, this group is the solution to all you’re problems.

There are some tips for one to travel sitting at home- you just need two things, connectivity, and a device. There are many virtual tours that are free to visit but if you just wish to share your experiences on the group, learn about a country’s culture, FAQs, tips, or just for inspiration, this group is open to all.

From the comfort of your couch, one can explore other national parks before “jetting off” to a virtual tour of the Louvre in Paris.

Here is an article to help you out at a time like this. Giving you #travelmotivation, go on start making a bucket list of places you’ll travel to as soon as this pandemic is over.

Let’s start a discussion and tag every friend of yours who loves to travel/ has just started the rewarding journey to explore the world. An example, a snippet of mine- I traveled to Rome for the first time as a solo traveler, I was scared shitless, I knew nobody but in 5 days, I saw the place, made 2-3 friends for life and lived the entire experience which made me feel so much more brave and independent.

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by Bahaar Thareja
Tips for Travelling stuck at home during Quarantine?


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