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Travel restrictions this easter – Ireland

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Due to the outbreak caused by the covid-19 pandemic, travel restrictions have been put in place by the government to reduce the impact of the Coronavirus spread. Unfortunately, this Easter season would mean less socializing due to social distancing rules. Family gatherings are expected to be put on hold as well as outdoor gatherings.

Gardaí have warned people against arranging or attending house parties or gatherings. Failure to adhere to the restrictions against house gatherings would result in an expected fine of €500 for organizing and a fine of €150 for attending these events.

Deputy Commissioner, Policing and Security, Anne Marie McMahon explained the reason for the restrictions imposed this Easter.  She further emphasized that the Garda Síochána is actively aware of the huge impact of Covid-19 on the communities. For the safety of the masses, health regulations were put in place for the protection of the most vulnerable in society.

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A lot of us are probably anticipating this Easter season to be spent with loved ones, painting of Easter eggs tradition, etc. Even though our expectations might not be fully implemented, there are several things to do to enjoy this Easter. For example, sending online delivery of gifts to families would make Easter more memorable, holding virtual parties with loved ones would also help to rekindle the Easter celebration spirit.  You can check out the gift shop for an amazing gift for your loved ones.

I believe it would be in our best interest to make extra efforts this Easter weekend to comply with the regulations that have been put in place. This would go a long way in protecting our loved ones from the pandemic spread.  HAPPY EASTER.

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