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Recommendation traveling places on adventures across Ireland and America.

Dreaming of travelling again? You're not alone. But in a post-pandemic world things might not look like they used to. Photo by C. Cagnin from Pexels.

Travelling to Galway last semester was an amazing trip to explore and travel around Ireland. Studying as an abroad student, I was so excited to travel overseas and start my journey in Europe when the first country to visit such as Dublin, Ireland.

Kylemore Castle, located in County Galway , Ireland is a huge mansion set amidst beautiful gardens and scenic landscapes. This castle was originally built as a private residence in the late 1800s. It is considered a tourist attraction and a home to Kylemore Abbey and to the community. The castles setting is exciting to see and read upon the history. Which makes it a popular destination for visitors to explore the Irish countryside.

Traveling on the train to different destinations in Ireland wondering, what new adventure next I will explore is exciting. I am very grateful and blessed to travel abroad while continuing my studies here in Ireland.

Video credited by Hope

Being away from home was tough, but I have been away for 3 years now, and I’ve learned to adapt and love the culture of Ireland’s natural nature and how green the grassland is here in this country. 

Travelling to Galway was yet the best choice to make! it is known for a vibrant culture, colorful streets, a live atmosphere in the city. I enjoyed the traditional Irish music in the pubs and took a stroll along the Connemara National Park, and charming streets of Galway city.

Enjoying the farm side of feeding the sheep in Connemara National Park. It is an excitement to experience the nature. As you can see these sheep loved being fed on Killary Sheep Farm.

Galway City is located on the western coast of Ireland, and is known for its vibrant arts scene, such as colorful streets and a lively atmosphere to enjoy. The traditional music to the attraction of charming cobblestone streets, it is considered a cultural hub that captures the essence of Irish heritage. 

The Connemara National Park was a beautiful reserve located in County Galway, Ireland. The park is known for its landscapes, including hierarchy mountains, bogs, heaths, and woodlands. Connemara Park offers different trails to hike, wildlife of feeding the sheep’s out in the public on farms, and breathtaking views of Connemara region and more to offer. If you would like to visit this beautiful site, I would say it’s a must-visit for natural lovers who love outdoor activities. 

Another exciting place I got to visit when I was back in

America was New York. When I was a little girl, my parents drove through New York to go to Massachusetts. And now I’ve hit my adult stage I got to travel and visit this fast life city. Which I enjoyed so much of the busy streets, with so many crosswalks to get to one place to another. New York is known for its iconic landmarks like the Times square, Central Park, and the Statue of Liberty. It is a cultural spot that offers a diverse range of food, entertainment, and art. 

Within the same month, while still being in America, I also got to travel to New Orleans to enjoy the experience of the Jazz, swamps with alligators, crocodiles, Bourbon Street, the French Quarters, and my favorite part of the trip of enjoying the Cajun spices added in the food. New Orleans is known as a Creo culture, delicious cuisine, and history. Especially its association with jazz music. New Orleans is also famous for its annual Mardi Gras celebration, which attract tourists all over the world. 

New Orleans by Alarie
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