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Top tourist attractions to visit in Nigeria 

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Suppose you intend to have a tourist visit to Nigeria and wonder what tourist attractions are best suitable. In that case, your questions are just about to be answered as I will take you through some amazing tourist attractions. That will leave you with a good memory after the experience.   

Zuma rock

The Zuma Rock is found in Madalla, Niger State, in the North of Abuja and is one of the popular tourist sites in Nigeria. It’s generally a monolithic Inselberg that has a human face. It’s sandy concealment that hangs like a mist over Zuba Town. The other mountains around and in it remain a big distance from it, and the Zuba people see it as a special form of respect paid by other mountains due to its royal presence in the neighbourhood.

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When you visit Zuma Rock between April and October, a duration that marks the rainy period in central Nigeria where you will find this amazing rock, you will be able to see the popular Zuma Rock Fire. You will enjoy the sight of this fire as the peak of this popular rock catches fire under the heavy rainfall. The Zuma Rock Fire has remained one of the famous wonders of the Zuma Rock over time.

Tarkwa Bay Beach

This tourist site is a sheltered beach situated close to Lagos Harbor. It’s a popular spot for water-sports enthusiasts and swimmers and a home to a warm and welcoming resident community. Unlike many public beaches in Lagos, Tarkwa Bay Beach is not often overcrowded or noisy. This aspect makes it a perfect place for an exciting day out with your family and friends or some alone time with your spouse.

If you’re looking for some quiet romantic time with your significant other, you should visit Tarkwa Bay Beach on a weekday. Although this place is a lesser-visited and smaller beach, many people who are seeking fun visit it during public holidays, the festive season, and the weekends

Benin National museum 

The National Museum of Benin City boasts many historical and cultural artefacts like the bronze figures, cast iron pieces, and terracotta related to the Benin Empire. The Museum is regarded as one of the richest among the National Museums in Nigeria regarding the amount of history it holds, not just of the Benin Empire but of surrounding ancient city-states. The Benin Museum is working to have the British Government return thousands of artefacts stolen from the city over a century ago.

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