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Top three Asian drama to watch

One major shift that coincided with the pandemic was a rise in interest in asian media content particularly film. In 2020 the BBC published an article titled How Asian film is making moves to take over from Hollywood. A few popular shows would Squid games and the movie parasite both from Korea as well as the Crazy Rich Asians a rom com that tells the story of american Asians. If you are among the people looking to diversify your film options, whether its out of sheer curiousity or the pure interest here are a few of my favorite dramas that I think deserve more air time and recognition.

  • I TOLD THE SUNSET ABOUT YOU it is a Thai coming-of-age romantic series by Nadao Bangkok that follows the life of two bestfriends who become rivals as they work through their relationship, their feelings for each other and years later as they go on a journey to define their place in the world through high school and as they prepare for prepare for college entrance exams with both pursuing a and interest in Communication arts. The character development of the two main actors Teh and Oh-aew is one to watch and the writers feelings are well transcended into the film, its equally emotional heart warming and worth a watch. It also has a sequel titled I Promised You the Moon.
official i told the sunset about you trailer
  • VINCENZO –  A South Korean television series starring some of Korea’s great actors and actresses such as Song Joong ki, Ok Taec- yeon, Kwak Dong-yeon, and Jeon Yeo-been as the main characters. Though the episodes were aired on tvN, a national television network in South Korea the episodes were also released on Netflix both locally and internationally. The series follows the main character, Vincenzo, a Korean- Italian lawyer who is back in Korea to pursue some financial plans in the country but ends up ruffling the feathers of an unrivaled conglomerate who receives a taste of his own medicine as Justice is served. The film is a must-watch as it does not follow the typical storyline and has a plot twist in every episode enough to keep you excited through the whole show. It is multi-faceted with a comedic angle, a slightly romantic one but an action-packed edge as well.
official Vincenzo trailer by Netflix Asia
  • Third on the list is the HOSPITAL PLAYLIST it was released in 2020 and it is a personal favorite comfort show. I must have watched it more times than I would care to admit; I promise it is that good. With a great storyline, that follows the life of four doctors from their years in medical school to their 40s. The characters in the series each real you in with their different charms. Through their friendship, the viewers can possibly identify themselves or their friends in the series. Best of all it is binge-worthy and aired on Netflix with two seasons.

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