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Top things to do in Ireland for St Patricks Day

Its been over 2 years since the Irish people have been able to celebrate St Patricks Day. Well, the wait is over. With the arrivals gate back open in Dublin airport and the 5km restrictions lifted why not throw on some green and visit Dublin for some festive fun. Here are some exciting places to go this St Patricks Day.

The St Patricks Day Parade (Obviously!)

Head into Dublin City Centre to see the spectacular parade. Immerse yourself in the crowd to hear some music, see some amazing performers, and the fantastic costumes and outfits that they wear. The floats will be from all around the country and there will be something for everyone! Failte Ireland spend months planning and organising this parade and after two years without it, it is guaranteed to be one of the best parades yet. With the parade starting at 12 pm I would advise people to get in early to find the best spot and see it in all of its glory. Have you any memories of the parade? Let me know in the comments below.

The Guinness Storehouse

At the Guinness Storehouse, everyone is Irish on the 17th of March. To celebrate the wonderful people of Ireland and the amazing tourists that come to Ireland each year, Guinness is throwing a St Patricks Day festival. Don’t worry, if you cannot make it to the storehouse on the 17th March, the festival will be on over five days from Wednesday the 16th March to Sunday the 20th March. Tickets for this festival are €35 but you are guaranteed to be entertained with live music from Irish artists throughout the storehouse, traditional Irish dancers, and of course the perfect pint included in your tour. If you have children, bring them along. There is plenty for them to see and instead of a free pint, they can get a free soft drink of their choice.

Kilmainham Jail

Why night celebrate the Irish by learning a bit about the Irish history and culture. For over 100 years, this jail has housed many men, women, and children and has become one of Ireland’s best-known prisons. Here you will learn all about the 1798 rebellion as well as the 1916 rising. This guided tour takes 90 minutes so it is advised that people book their tickets in advance. Whether you are Irish and want to learn more about how the Irish solders fought for freedom in Ireland, or if you are a tourist visiting Ireland for St Patricks Day, this tour is suitable for all. With tickets just €8 for adults and €4 for children and students it is a bargain for the knowledge you’ll gain from this experience. After enjoying days in Ireland you can also hop over things to do in Hertfordshire as it is suitable for all and it is one of the perfect destinations to spend with family together.

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Listen to Traditional Irish Music

When in Ireland, it is strongly advised that people should listen to ‘trad’ music. Experience the fiddle, tin whistle, bodhrán, and banjo. In pubs all around Dublin City, you will be invited to listen to these instruments play and you can sing along and dance to your heart’s content. Why not get up and try a jig or two and maybe if your lucky you’ll get a lock-in and have a sing-song till the early hours of the morning. But just in case you want to hear some traditional Irish songs before going to one of these places, have a listen below.

I hope some of these tips were helpful and If you tried any of these things on St Patricks Day, let me know about it in the comments below and tell me what you enjoyed the most.

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