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Top Ten Most Liked Tweets in the World

These are the top ten most like tweets in the world according to Wikipedia

1. @chadwickboseman

This was posted by the family of Chadwick Boseman announcing his death on the 28th of august 2020. This tweet had  7.4 million likes, 3million retweets and 160k plus comment. The tweet stated how he did after battling cancer for 4 years.


This was posted by the ex-president of American Barack Obama. He posted a passage from the Nelson Mandela autobiography, long walk of freedom, in response to the 2017 Charlottesville attack. The tweet gathered 4.2 million likes, 67k comments and 1.5 million retweets. It was posted on the 12th of August 2017.

3. @JoeBiden

This was posted by Joe Biden the day he was sworn in as the 46th president of the united states of America. the tweet gathered over 4.1 million likes, 567k plus retweets and 112k plus comment.

4. @BarackObama

This was posted by Barack Obama, the ex-president of America. it was to pay tribute to American basketball player Kobe Bryant after the news of his death in a helicopter crash. The tweet gathered over 3.9 million likes, 649k plus retweets and 16k plus comments.

5. @andymilonakis

This was posted by American comedian and streamer Andy Milonakis following the covid-19 pandemic  and the George Floyd protest in the wake of the launch of crew dragon demo-2 by space x. This was posted on the 30th of May 2020. The tweet gathered 3.6 million likes, 775k plus retweets and 6.4k comments.

6. @KamalaHarris

This was tweeted by newly elected vice president Kamala Harris congratulating new president Joe Biden on winning the election. The tweet gathered 3.3 million likes, 102k plus comments and 743.8k retweets. It was posted on the 7th of November 2020.

7. @Bts_twt

This was posted by the main vocalist of the Korean band, BTS , Jeon Jungkook on the 25th of January 2021. This tweet gathered 3.2 likes, 705.7k comments and 1.1m retweets. 

8. @JoeBiden

This was the first tweet posted by Joe Biden after defeating Donald trump in the 2020 presidential election. The tweet gathered 3.2 million likes, 749.2k retweets and 219.9k comments. It was posted on the 7th of November 2020.

9. @IncredibleCulk

This was posted by American actor Macaulay Culkin who is best known for his role as a child in the Christmas movie, Home Alone. He posted it on his 40th birthday as a joke. The tweet gathered 3.2 million likes, 582.7k retweet and 63.3k comments. It was posted on the 26th august, 2020.

10. @Bts_twt

This was posted by one of the vocalist of the Korean band BTS V (Kim Taehyung). He posted a selfie of his behind the scene of a photo shoot. The tweet gathered 3.2 million likes, 1 million retweets and 532.5k comments. It was posted on the 16th of August, 2020.

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  1. All the tweets are interesting…the one that got me is where Barack said no is born hating another because of religion or the colour of their skin or background…that is true and good lesson to us all.

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