Top motorcycle touring in Dublin: Wicklow Mountains and Glendalough

Wicklow Mountains 02
Wicklow Mountains 02

“The Journey is the reward” (Quote: Steve Jobs)

The first place to visit in Ireland by motorcycle is definitely Glendalough. But that is not because of its spectacular scenery, rich history or archaeology; it is because of the journey through the Wicklow Mountains.

You need at least fifteen minutes to leave Dublin. The “Firehouse Road West” leads directly up to the mountains. Following this road it is obvious why Ireland is called the green island. Houses disappear, traffic sounds become silent and mountains rise up.

Wicklow Mountains 01/ Photocredit: Matthias Ritters
Beautiful view over the green island / Photocredit: Matthias Ritters

Normally the 60 kilometres road should take around one hour. Nevertheless it is important to arrange enough time for stops at panorama views.

Wicklow Mountains 02 / Photocredit: Matthias Ritters
Me and my motorcycle / Photocredit: Matthias Ritters

Especially it is worth to take a break at the 718 metres mountain Gravale. As far as the eye can see is untouched nature. No houses, no cars and above all no sounds are present. The feeling to listen solely to the blowing of the wind is quite an experience.

Wicklow Mountains 03 / Photocredit: Matthias Ritters
Panorama Wicklow Mountains / Photocredit: Matthias Ritters

The best day for a tour is within the week: the small roads are almost completely empty. Instead of tourists sheep will cross your way – on the fields as well as on the roads itself.

Wicklow Mountains 04 / Photocredit: Matthias Ritters
Sheeps crossing the road / Photocredit: Matthias Ritters

After the arrival in Glendalough it is obvious: The journey is the reward. Nevertheless the glacial valley shows another beautiful side of Ireland: An early Christian monastic settlement that was founded in the 6th century; a 30-metre high tower; a graveyard and many churches built in the 12th century. They allow to step back into the past.

Glendalough 01 / Photocredit: Matthias Ritters
Glendalough Round Tower / Photocredit: Matthias Ritters
Glendalough 02 / Photocredit: Matthias Ritters
Monastery / Photocredit: Matthias Ritters

The old military route should be chosen for the way back to Dublin. On this road is a viewpoint over whole Dublin: a perfect place to have a picnic or just relax and smell the scent of freedom.

Lookout Dublin / Photocredit: Matthias Ritters
Lookout Dublin / Photocredit: Matthias Ritters

My recommended route to Glendalough:

Motorcycle route to Glendalough
Motorcycle route to Glendalough / blue: way there, red: way back

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