Top 3 Vietnamese restaurants in Dublin

Pho Bo - PhotoCredit TMAB2003 ( Flick)
Pho Bo - PhotoCredit TMAB2003 ( Flick)

If you are looking for Vietnamese restaurants, owned by Vietnamese people in Dublin, then here are 3 highly recommended places for you:

Pho Viet

There is a small Vietnamese restaurant on Parnell street is called “Pho Viet”. The “Pho Viet” restaurant is rather small. If you weren’t looking too hard, it would be easy to pass it by. It is said that to be one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Dublin. I arranged a visit last week to better acquaint myself with the restaurant, prior to writing my recommendations.

The restaurant has a quite simple and nice presentation, in the Vietnamese traditional style. I tried 4-5 typical types of food on the menu such as “pho bo” ( beef noodle), “bun moc”, “bun bo”, “sua dau nanh”, and “cha gio” ( spring roll). I sat at a table by a window where I could look out at the street. The staff were really warm, welcoming and professional. “Pho bo” is considered to be in the top ten of the menu with the price being around 8 euro. You can pay by your credit card or with cash.

Pho Bo - PhotoCredit Pho Bo PhotoCredit TMAB2003 ( Flick)
Pho Bo – PhotoCredit Pho Bo PhotoCredit TMAB2003 ( Flickr)
Bun Bo - PhotoCredit Ron Dollete ( ƒlick)
Bun Bo – PhotoCredit Ron Dollete ( Flickr),+Dublin+1/@53.3529952,-6.263097,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x48670e86e669a59b:0xbc0b190ac90b5b30

Pho Ta

This small Vietnamese restaurant is located near to the Central Bank in one of the older buildings of Temple Bar. The restaurant has large windows through which you can watch the tourists and teenagers who make up the bulk of the passers-by. The menu in “Pho Ta” in Dublin’s Temple Bar is incredible with food typical to that from the southern, middle and northern regions of Viet Nam. If you want to have a quick and filling lunch at a reasonable price, then “Pho Ta” is the perfect place that you should visit. “Goi cuon” and “pho bo” are the favourite menu items with the price between 5 – 9 euros.

Goi cuon - PhotoCredit Ron Dollete ( Flickr)
Goi cuon – PhotoCredit Ron Dollete ( Flickr)
Hu tieu - PhotoCredit richy ( Flickr)
Hu tieu – PhotoCredit Richy ( Flickr)

Address: Pho Ta, 6 Cope St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

HaNoi Hanoi Restaurant

“Ha Noi Ha Noi” Restaurant is well known as an excellent high-end Vietnamese restaurant in Dublin. The restaurant serves up an incredible variety of food with plentiful flavours. The “Ha Noi Ha Noi” restaurant presents a very different experience for the diner, with a diverse menu which includes: “banh bao”, a salad of papaya, peanuts, mint and dried beef, “pho bo”, “banh mi“, etc.

I highly recommend “bun bo”. “Bun bo” originated in Hue, which is the former capital of Viet Nam. The meal consists of noodles, prepared with beef shanks and beef bones, lemongrass and fermented shrimp sauce together with a dash of sugar for taste. If chillies are not to your liking, then this meal might be a challenge because it is very spicy. However, you could always ask for the meal without chillies. The “bún bo hue” (€9.20) is a large bowl of broth and noodles.

Banhxeo - PhotoCredit Dietrich Ayala ( Flickr)
Banhxeo – PhotoCredit Dietrich Ayala ( Flickr)
Cha gio - PhotoCredit Sulin ( Flickr)
Cha gio – PhotoCredit Sulin ( Flickr)

Address: 01-102 Capel street, Dublin 1

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