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Top 4 tools for managing an Instagram account

Two years ago, I decided to open an Instagram page dedicated to my passion for  food photography. The aim was to create a page that would garner a following and eventually form a community of food photography enthusiasts. I quickly realized that what I set out to achieve was not an easy task. However, I came across specific tools that are now indispensable when it comes to managing my Instagram account.




Photo by Pixabay from Pexel

Below are my top 4 tools for managing my Instagram account

1. Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Lightroom is one of the best camera and photo editing applications for mobile devices. This free app allows you to take pictures and edit these images down to the most specific details. While the users of the desktop version may find the mobile version lacking, it is still amazing. Using Lightroom, you can edit raw files; use presets, organise edited photos, store them on the creative cloud and share the final results online.

2 Apphi
One difficulty I experienced when I started managing my Instagram page was posting content at the time when I had the highest engagement. Apphi was the perfect solution to this problem. Apphi is a scheduling application. Using this app, you can schedule your posts in advance. At the scheduled time, the post would be automatically uploaded to Instagram. If you would like to maintain a certain theme, you can also use this application to preview nine posts.

These are my top 2 tools that you can use to efficiently manage your Instagram account.


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