Top 3 of the best YouTube channels

1 – DaveHax:


With 936,839 subscribers and 180,456,134 views in less than three years, Dave Haxe is one of the leading figure of the YouTube community. His videos are pretty simple but always really originals and funny.

About DaveHax YouTube Channel: “How to and craft videos, using simple house hold items. Cool projects, life hacks and cooking tips for you to try at home, featuring a mixture of original ideas and reworks of classic concepts, together with some slow motion destruction videos, all in one channel…”

2 – AsapSCIENCE:


AsapSCIENCE is a channel of educational videos about scientific questions everyone want to know the answer. You can send your question the the AsapScience team and they will answer it in a video. They have already done some on many interesting topics like : “What if humans disappeared?“, “How much sleep do you actually need?” or “Your brain on shrooms“. In three years AsapSCIENCE has reached 3 786 140 subscribers and 388 125 581 views. 

About AsapSCIENCE: “Your weekly dose of fun and interesting science.”

3 – SketchShe:


SketchShe is a group of three australian girls who became quite famous on the past few months thanks to their funny car singing videos. They are really pretty but this youtube channel is absolutely not about girly stuffs like fashion or make-up: it’s all about fun!

About SketchShe: “Featuring Shae-Lee, Lana and Madison, SketchShe is an Australian comedy threesome with a cheeky and brazen mixed bag of sketches, characters and pics to tickle your funny bone. No place here for bitchy resting face.”

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