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Top 3 of the best districts to live in Lyon, France

Photo from Pexels from Mihai Vlasceanu

Photo from Pexels from Mikhail Nilov

Lyon, located in the east central of France, is a beautiful city with a rich history. People from Lyon are really proud of their city and for them, Lyon should be the capital of France. What is really interesting about Lyon is that every district is really different from another and the surroundings of the city are very rich. You can find yourself in the countryside in 15 minutes by car from the city center. I am now going to make a top 3 of the most enjoyable districts to live in Lyon.

La Croix Rousse

La Croix Rousse is a really known area of Lyon because it is on top of a hill where you can get an amazing view. This area is famous for its intimate little café with a 360-degree view of the city. There are also the 2 most reputed high schools in the city. What is interesting with this neighborhood is that there is a real village atmosphere, everyone knows each other, people move for the majority by bikes, it is the neighborhood with the most dogs, people pay attention to the environment and historic buildings. It’s really a good and pleasant place to live with your family.


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Old Lyon

Old Lyon is the oldest district of Lyon where all the streets are still paved, you can find centuries-old shops such as puppet shops or silk (2 things for which Lyon is famous), and the buildings have an irresistible charm since they are mostly very old. You will also find the best restaurants where you can taste traditional dishes such as dumplings or offal. The streets are narrow and pretty and the life there is quiet, except for the main streets that attract many tourists during the day. In a few minutes you are on the quays where it is very pleasant to walk. The perfect place to live if you like quiet and authenticity.


What is interesting with this district is that as its name suggests, you can observe the confluence of the rivers the Saône and the Rhône. It is the newest district of the city where the buildings are modern and are mostly offices. In this area you are always close to the water which is nice, you can easily access barges for walks around the city or to party. You will also find a huge shopping center and the largest museum in the city which is simply called the museum of confluences and from where you can observe the confluence of the two rivers. This is a pleasant district if you’re really active, prefer modernity and are not bothered by crowds.

To sum up, my Top 3 of the best district to live in Lyon can give you an idea of where to live if you’re thinking about moving there, depending on your preferences; habits and life. What’s wonderful about this city is that everyone can find a place that suits him as Lyon is a diverse city.

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