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Top 3 best Food Waste Apps to save money and help the planet

Photo by Angele J from Pexels.

In Ireland over 1 million tonnes of food is wasted every year. Despite its small size, Ireland generates a staggering amount of wasted food each year which contributes to higher emissions and therefore to more environmental issues. Addressing this challenge requires a multifaceted approach that combines industrial innovation, and governmental action. Regarding the fact that  80% of the total food waste is generated by the industry and 25% from the food waste in total come from restaurants and food services the need for changes seems to be urgent. To find a solution for this problem the Irish government has committed to reduce food waste by 50% until 2030. But can the concept really end up food waste or does it need other solutions? One possible solution for this might be online Apps which are connected to restaurants and other stores that have unsold, surplus food. Customers can buy their food for an affordable and cheaper price. Here are the four best food waste Apps that are good for the planet – and your wallet as well.

Photo by Anna Shvets for Pexels.

1. Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is working on reducing food waste permanently. The app connects consumers with food from local restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores to sell “surprise bags” at a third of the list price. These bags range from €4, significantly lower than the typical price that can be expected when you buy the same food on a regular basis. Worldwide, the company has saved over 300 million meals so far and has partnered with over 155.000 local food businesses.

2. Olio

Secondly, there is the App Olio which was launched in 2015. From the comfort of your home, people can upload details of the food they would otherwise throw in the bin, allowing it to go to others in the area that may be in need. For members interested in getting a little more involved, a program called “food waste heroes” allows volunteers to pick things up from cafes and shops that list food on the site. Even Tesco Ireland is collaborating with the App in order to save food from stores.

3. Karma

The Karma App, a Swedish startup founded in 2016, basically adapts to the concept of Too Good To Go. With over 2.000 connected restaurants they are also aiming to eradicate food waste by connecting the user with the stores. With over 1,4 million current App users the App has contributed to a total meal saving of more than 4 million. For a much cheaper price the customers can purchase bags that contain a mixture of food the store was not able to sell over the day.  

After having a closer look at the best food Apps that are available, it is now interesting to focus on the question if they are performing well in reality and how viable the concepts are. Watch the short documentary below to get the answers.

Philipp Baumhöfner.
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