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Top 10 stereotypical Dublin Instagram posts

A daily scroll through our Instagram feed has become a regular thing for the younger generation anyways and let’s be honest, we do it multiple times a day. As soon as we get up in the morning, while waiting for the bus, during class or when we are supposed to go to sleep, but secretly spending at least another hour looking through pictures. Might it be of your sisters graduating, hilarious snaps of your mates downing a pint or two in the local pub, friends covered in mud at Electric Picnic and so on – you know the deal. However, for every lovely picture you see, there is also the king of unoriginality showing up with each post being more clichéd than the last.

These Insta-traps are easy to spot and you get caught in one before you even realize it. To ensure this won’t happen to you The Circular made a list of the most stereotypical Dublin Instagram-posts and stories you are not allowed to post on your Instagram (anymore).

1. The Swings at Sophie’s

Yes, we all did it and in all fairness, there is even a post about this on TripAdvisor. For the innocent among us, Sophie’s Restaurant Bar & Terrace is a rooftop bar with a pretty nice view of the Dublin skyline. Fabulous location, delicious food and the perfect spot for an Instagram post. On the 5th floor, everyone seems pretty enamored with these swings in front of the bar’s logo.

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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Nina Roza Tasker 🍷👄❣️ (@ninatasker_) am

2. The Bed at Krystle

Krystle is a famous nightclub on Dublin’s Harcourt street and also well known for its pink bed perfect for your casual night-out post. Krystle got a new makeover in 2016 with vivid colors on the walls and the famous bed has been replaced by a much better-looking one (things you do for the Social Media generation) and a big neon sign above it.

3. Dublin Airport

We get it, we are all excited to go on holidays, escape the dreadfully Irish weather and head off to a well-deserved weekend getaway to Spain. But stop, are you actually on holidays without letting all your followers know? So up it goes the classical Insta-story post of the airport exit of the M50 captioned “✈️ ✈️ ✈️ ”. Yet, to make sure EVERYONE (including all the burglars in your neighborhood) know that you’re away for a couple of days, the “Airport-pint-with-the-passport-and-boarding-card-strategically-placed-in-the-frame-post” should not be missed.

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On to the next adventure🛫🇭🇺🧳

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Ali O’Neill (@alisongenevieve) am

4. Cans on the Barge

The heatwave hits Ireland right on time for the bank holiday weekend, and the minute the temperature goes into double digits people are out and about with their cans on the Barge living their best lives as if this is the first time they have ever seen the sun. (Just don’t forget to throw those cans into the bin once you finished!)

5. Happy Birthday

Bad at remembering your mates’ birthday? Not anymore. The days of awkwardness after forgetting your best pals birthday is finally over, because at least one of your followers uploads a whole photo series, usually accompanied by HAPPY. BIRTHDAY. YOU. QUEEN. YOU SLAY. B**.  (All pictures where the person uploading pics looks strategically better than the birthday girl because that’s just the way things work on Instagram)

6. Umbrellas just off Grafton Street

Be honest with yourself – we have all been there.

7. Cocktails outside Pyg

People having cocktails outside Pyg with the lights in the background and captioning it ”of a Wednesday” or  “on a school night” “be rude not too” (Disclaimer: Most likely to be followed by a glass clink boomerang)

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Few drinks 🍸

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Guilherme Martire (@guimartire) am

8. Those nails

Close up of a new manicure with caption “fresh set”. Another popular variation is the claw nails around a bottle of blue vodka on a Friday evening with the caption “fresh set for the w/end”. Like seriously, how do people not hurt themselves or each other with those nails.

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Love my nails 💅🏻 @nailsinc

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Kate MacMullan Makeup (@katemacmullanmakeup) am

9. Dublin Bridges

Although we call it the “Big Smoke”, Dublin on a sunny day is gorgeous and we all have to admit that. So a sunset over any bridge over the Liffey with “Dublin is alri sometimes”, “Are ya well, Dublin? Cause you’re looking well” is just a mandatory post, we are all guilty of having on our Instagram feed.

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Sunset in Dublin

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Stephen O’Leary (@stephenoleary) am

10. Michael Kors

Finally, one for the twenty-something girls (and we think this is not necessarily restricted to Dublin). A picture of a Michael Kors box with “He does be wrecking my head but I do be loving this one something fierce”, “He does know me too well” or “boy done good as a caption. We have all been there, and we all love to be spoiled every once in a while.

Tell us in the comment section which post you are guilty of or if you know any other stereotypical Dublin Instagram Posts?

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