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10 successful grumpy cats on social media

The grumpy cat

Cats are probably the most popular animals on social media. Their owner loves to take a hundred photos of their little ball of fluff. After the famous Grumpy cat, here is a selection of 10 “grumpy” or “aggressive” cats that you should be careful of.

       1. Angelic_dynasty: the fighter

        2. The hungry one

        3. The fretful


        4. The ‘Do I as say, not as I do’


        5. The ‘I’m too tired to fight but I am want to fight’

        6. Galatatouille : ‘that’s meow couch, leave me alone’



        7. Tough love


        8. The ‘I am also tired to fight’


        9. The High-Kick



        10. The “Gangnam Style” fight technique


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