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Top 10 Film Photographers on Instagram to Follow!


Joe is a famous photographer from Nashville, Tennessee. Joe shoots usually shoots a mixture of portraits, street photography, and the ‘in the moment’ candid shots of people in the public domain. He also has produced and shot some short videos on film. He regularly posts interesting and eye-catching photos to Instagram. Check out his Instagram and website here:

Link to Website:

Link to Instagram: ioegreer


The next entry to our list is a London-based photographer. Alan specialises in black and white photography. Thematically he errs on the side of social commentary as well as capturing snippets of human life. His Instagram is filled with engaging photographs soaked in contrasting shadows, depth, and dark tones. Alan captures contrasting tones and light with a keen eye for symmetry and geometry. Additionally, Alan has some of his work published in The Guardian, The New York Times, and Time Out. Some of his work has also been featured in exhibitions at the Saatchi Gallery and the Leica Galleries in London.

Link to Website: alan.schaller  

Link to Instagram: alan_schaller


This entry takes us back over to the states, to Utah. Ryan’s photographs are typically staged, meaning he directs his subjects. Ryan shoots portraiture with a strong eye for the human form. His Instagram is filled with inspiring portraits of interesting-looking characters. His photographs seemingly capture a sense of curiosity, which is communicated through his subjects and stylistic compositions. As well as his Instagram, Ryan regularly posts to his website and Patreon.


Instagram: ryanmuirhead


Jim is an Irish photographer and street artist. His work captures moments in urban life around Dublin, with a focus on artists and Dublin’s creative community. A scroll through his Instagram page will feel like a walk from Portobello to East Wall. With a strong attraction towards shadows, urban symmetry, and capturing moments in the lives of the public, Jim is documenting what he sees through his lens. Jim occasionally sells t-shirts and prints, so it’s worth following him so you don’t miss out – plus it’s great to support Irish artists!  

Instagram: dirtydublin


Back across the Atlantic for this entry. Michael aka ‘hazy_island’ seems to prefer shooting a more natural composition. His Instagram feed is dotted with colourful and engaging landscape and portrait photographs, which capture nature’s moments as if nobody was watching. One of his most photographed locations is in the Arctic. Seemingly capturing the sense of isolation and distance from humanity. Occasionally you will see some humans and buildings, but they seem to focus on the balance of nature and humanity. Michael has some amazing photos available to purchase in print from his website. Lastly, Michael has won some awards for his incredible photos. Check out his Instagram and site below!

Website: michael-novotny

Instagram: hazy_island


Nguan was born and raised in Singapore and thus has a strong eye for the urban perspective. This entry to our list has one of the most colourful Instagram feeds of them all. Dotted with a mixture of soft, harsh, and bright but always colourful tones, Nguan focuses on big city life in America and Asia. Nguan has published three photography books, one of which is focused on the solitude of urban life, called ‘How Loneliness Goes’. As well as being featured in a long list of interviews, Nguan has also had his works displayed at exhibitions in Singapore and Chicago.


Instagram: _nguan_


Quinn is an amateur photographer in comparison to some of the professional accounts listed. However, her feed is still littered with amazing photographs of nature, suburbia, and city life. Quinn is from Chicago and she also features photographs from her digitally shot collection. Many of Quinn’s photos communicate a sense of solitude, avoiding portraits and photos of directed subjects. She tends to shoot through the eye of the observant passer-by, capturing moments of nature and modernity.

Website: quinn-milton

Instagram: quinnmil_analog


Brian is another amateur and emerging entry to this list. Hailing from Reno, Nevada he captures those moments of typical ‘Americana’ life. The composition of his photographs seemingly focuses on quintessentially American elements, such as rusted old trucks and delipidated American houses and storefronts. Additionally, Brian touches on themes of social observation and commentary. The only place to see Brian’s work on his Instagram, so check it out.

Instagram: ciggy_tardust


Andre is based in Brooklyn, New York. Typically shooting on black and white film, Andre’s work focuses on the lives of ethnic minorities in New York, with a strong affiliation towards the struggles of black Americans. Seemingly, his photos capture all walks of life as well as the diverse culture inherent to Brooklyn and New York residents. Featured on his website are some of his amazing books, interviews, publications, and solo exhibitions. His Instagram and website are visually stunning and thought-provoking.

Website: andrewagner

Instagram: photodre


Steve is arguably the most famous photographer on this list. Born in Philadelphia, currently working for Magnum Photos. His work fits into the photojournalistic genre. Steve’s most famous photograph entitled ‘Afghan Girl’ is a very well-known photograph and years after its publication it was met with controversy in 2019. This photo was taken at a refugee camp in Pakistan in 1984. This photo was used in National Geographic as well as being used for charity campaigns by Amnesty International. The majority of Steve’s work focuses on conflict, historical cultures, and the modernity of humanity.

Website: stevemccurry

Instagram: stevermccurryofficial

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