Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2016 That Will Blow Your Mind

Technology Image Credit: Abudallah Khan (flicker)
Technology Image Credit: Abudallah Khan (flicker)
Technology Image Credit: Abudallah Khan (flicker)
Technology. Image Credit: Abudallah Khan (flicker)

Technology has been the most important factor in bringing us to this modern world. We now live in a global village armed with the tools of the innovations, able to bring the world in the palm of our hand making the impossibles possible. And it is never stopping.

2016 has been another great so far. The best innovations this year will blow our mind away, and some of them even look forward the most pressing challenges of our time. The World Economic Forum’s Meta Council on Emerging Technologies, a panel of global experts recently researched and identified this year’s top 10 emerging technologies which offer a vivid glimpse of the power of the innovation.

1. Nanosensors and the Internet of Nanothings

Built from inexpensive microsensors and microprocessors paired with tiny power supplies and wireless antennas, the sensors is expanding the online universe in computers and mobile gadgets to ordinary pieces of physical world like cars and door locks. Controlled by artificial system it could have capabilities like a house that unlocks the front door when it recognizes its owner.

2. Next Generation Batteries

Within few years these batteries which would be based on sodium, aluminium or zinc would be able to deliver enough capacity to serve whole factories ,towns or mini-grids connecting isolated rural communities. The Clean My Mac reviews is what one can look into in case they are planning to buy a Mac device.

3. The Blockchain

As described in the Bitcoin Evolution review, it is the technology behind the bitcoin digital currency-not controlled by any company or person where every user are able to access the entire blockchain, and every transfer of funds from one account to another account, and will be recorded in a secure and verifiable form by using mathematical techniques borrowed from cryptography.

4. Two-Dimensional Materials

The class of materials consisting of a single layer of atoms are emerging which has created a new box of powerful tools for technologies.

5.Autonomous Vehicles

These are coming sooner than expected. Google and other companies have been testing self driving cars for several years now, with a good success and in the near future when this technology becomes ubiquitous, it is certain that life will be different than it was.

A Self Driving Car
A Self Driving Car. Image Credit:smooothgroover22 (flicker)

6. Organ-on-chips

This technology would fill the needs of important biological studies and practical drug tests by growing functional pieces of human organs in minlature, on microchips.

7. Perovskite Solar Cells

This will replace the current silicon solar cells which would be made more cheaply and with fewer emissions, light weighted and a stunning double efficiency.

8. Open Al Ecosystem

This emerging technology has promised to link together in the ways that make life easier to build powerful, human-like digital assistants. This system connects not only to our mobile devices but computer and through them to our messages, contacts, finances, calendars and work files-but also to the thermostat in the bedroom, the scale in the bathroom, the bracelet on the wrist, and even the car in the driveway.

9. Optogenetics

This innovation involving the injection of flexible microchips, each one hardly bigger than a neuron deep into a brain with minimal damage has opened new doors to brain disorders, including tremors in Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, visual damage and depression.

10. Systems Metabolic Engineering

Through this innovation scientists are now able to create biological systems that manufacture chemicals that are hard to produce by conventional means. It will be way much better for the climate to make many of the chemical inputs to industry from living organisms instead of from oil, gas, and coal.

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