The top 10 easiest things to sell online

Putting up something for sale soon? Photo credit: Robbert Noordzij (Flickr)
Putting up something for sale soon? Photo credit: Robbert Noordzij (Flickr)

Are you planning to put something up for sale online in the nearest future? Here’s the list of the things that are sold quickest on the digital second hand market.

Fall is a great time to clean up and out the things that are collecting dust in the house. The garage is emptied for trash, the wardrobe is organized for the outfits that are never worn to make room for even more outfits and the kitchen cupboards reveals the handy “Shopping From Home“-appliances that were never used.

But what do you do with it? It’s too usable to throw out, but you don’t want to keep it either. A good option is to sell it online.

Depends on state and price

The website is Norway’s biggest second hand market, with accurately 4 813 410 ads online during the year 2015. In March this year, they published a report on what kind of things are sold fastest and what words were the most searched. At least on their website.

The most popular categories are actually no surprise. ‘Furniture and interor’ wins by 20 percent of all the ads in total, with ‘Appliances and electronics’ and ‘Clothing, make up and accessories’ follow close with 14 percent. ‘Parents and kids’ took the third place with 12 percent.

“How fast you get your things sold, depends, among other things, on how used it is and what price you put on it. If you have appliances and electronics that you don’t use anymore, there’s a big chance that you will make a little bit of money by putting it up for sale,” says Laila Dahlen, product Director of

In other words, time to start tidying your home!

Top 10 searchwords:

1. Couch – 592 338 searches
2. Bike – 465 062 searches
3. iPhone 6 – 399 863 searches
4. Louis Vuitton – 330 128 searches
5. Rolex – 328 799 searches
6. Garden furniture – 328 058 searches
7. iPhone – 298 270 searches
8. TV – 282 925 searches
9. iPhone 5 – 282 579 searches
10. iPhone 5s – 275 579 searches

Top 10 short lived ads (things that are sold fast):

1. Concert tickets – 7,3 days
2. Fridges – 8 days
3. Cell phones – 8,4 days
4. Dishwasher – 8,4 days
5. Stoves – 8,6 days
6. Garden furniture – 9,3 days
7. TV – 9,4 days
8. Dresser – 10 days
9. Mattresses – 10,3 days
10. Tablets and iPads – 10,4 days

5 under categories who has grown since 2014:

1. Sports attire and shoes
2. Games and consoles
3. Pottery, porcelain and glass
4. Children’s attire and shoes for girls
5. Ladies clothing, coats

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