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Top 10 Basic Makeup Items For The Working Lady.

Photo by Mihai Stefan Photography from Pexels

Photo by Adrienne Andersen from Pexels

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to work with a news media corporation to cover2020 Irish General Elections. Usually, my daily face prep would include loads of moisturisers, black eyeliner, mascara and good old Carmex (cherry flavour). However, I knew I could not pull up to duty looking bare. My only chance to work hard and still look effortless doing so was here, I was not looking to flop. So, here’s my top basic makeup items for the working lady:

1. FACE MOISTURISER & PRIMER: Time is quite essential to every woman in the working class, and a good face moisturiser saves time when applying your makeup. They provide the skin with SPF as protection from ultra-violet rays as well as provide hydration for healthy glowing skin. Face primers are the base to ensure that your makeup stays put together, no shifts and fewer bathroom touch-ups. The primer blurs your pores, creating a smooth canvas for you to begin your face beat. The key here is getting the base that fits your skin type. With the moisturiser and face primer layered upon your face, you are well-prepped to go. You can check out these affordable moisturisers and primers.

2. FOUNDATION: With the correct shade of foundation, that face beat would be looking snatched after a few brush swipes. The best recommendation for boss ladies is to apply a lightweight foundation with medium coverage, for a matte finish, to avoid frequent visits to the powder room for touch-ups. Foundations are of different variants; cream to powder, liquid and stick foundation, As highly stated, its best to use what works relatively perfect for your skin type. Visit a place like to get the foundation that you can wear all day.

3. CONCEALERS: Concealers serves a variety of purposes such as correcting skin blemishes or discolouration and evening out skin tone. It bridges fine lines, wrinkles and lifts those over-time induced eye bags. The correcting concealer comes in shades orange, green, white and pale yellow which is used based on your skin tone. The highlighting concealers are usually a shade or two shades brighter than the shade of foundation used. However, your go-to option for that 9-5 is the highlighting concealer that is a shade brighter. L.A Pro concealers are very inclusive of all skin shades and affordable as well, the Born This Way sculpting concealer is also one of the ladies delight.

Photo by zhugewala from Pexels

4. EYESHADOWS AND EYELINERS: Matte shadows with neutral and earth tones are absolutely great for the office look, but playing with colours never harmed anyone. But we draw the line where there are glitters and the eyelids are looking like a disco light. Eyeliners define the shape of your eyes, that Elf black gel eyeliner is a must-have.

5. FALSE LASHES AND MASCARA: Luscious lashes tidy the look on the eyes and this can be achieved by using a lengthening and volumising mascara,  short or medium length false lashes.

If you want to be a lash technician, check out Revolution Lash Studio’s lash academy where you can learn the trade.

6. POWDERS: Finishing powders are used to set your face, giving the look a natural skin finish, but if you are looking to stand out after delivering a 5-point deal-sealing presentation, you may arm your look using highlight powders. MAC has an inclusive range of skin finishing powders that work great.

7. BRONZERS AND BLUSHES: These makeup items bring in more colour to the face, like a natural warm bronzer would and a soft pink blush could make a happy face beat.

8. LIPSTICKS AND LIPGLOSSES: This is the most iconic part of the makeup look for every boss lady. You want to take charge of your day in office, lay on that Red lipstick. You want to keep it natural but steer conversations to reach maximum potentials, let the nude lipstick take care of that. If you are indeed running out the house, make a last-minute stop by the mirror, for a thin coat of lip gloss. It’s highly recommended that you keep mini size lipgloss in your handbags just to be safe.

9. FINISHING SPRAYS: This helps to keep your make up together without looking all washed up, the Matte spray keeps the face hydrated and clean even on sweaty days. The Urban Decay all nighter spray is a good buy, with temperature control to keep your makeup lasting for 16-hours. They come in mini sizes as well, so you don’t have to worry about your coins.

Photo by from Pexels

10. BRUSHES AND BLENDERS: Above all that we have listed, the absence of the right tools will just not give us that look we have been looking. Brushes and beauty blenders are used to apply all these products to the face, with the right brush and the right product, you will find yourself getting request to deliver awesome face beat to your colleagues as well.

BONUS: Eyebrows are really the time-consuming part of makeup, I would recommend that you trim your natural brows, you could grow them out and get them threaded or even get on the new micro-blading trend. It saves you an hour, trust me.

That sums it up today, you will find a video below showing you how to put this look together:

Source: YouTube/EMAN.

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