Top 10 anti-terrorist movies that make people feel suffocated

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Local time 15th April 2013, the bomb event happened at the end line of Boston marathon competition, which push the American people who haven’t completely get rid of 9.11 shadows to the front-line to anti-terrorist again. Terrorism is like cancer dangerous for our society, and it is enemy for the our entire human in the world. Thus long period of anti-terrorist is always important subject to maintain the safety of nation and society, it also keep enthusiasm for director in the film production. In This blog post follow, I will list and short discus top 10 anti-terrorist genre film productions that make people feel shock and suffocated.

  1. <world trade center>
    it was happened after five years of 9.11, is the film which positive describe terror attack. Using 9.11 as background, also using the surviving of two American police who were weighed down by ruins to stand out vigorous live awareness of American people, thus spreading a optimistic feeling. When scene went through the ruins, wounded citizens moaning on the ground, make people feel touching, and hardly not to blame the terrorism.

    world trade center
    world trade center screenshot
  2. <flight 93>
    It is another film about terror event born in Hollywood after five years 9.11 event. No one knows what happened during the fighting at that time, even at present, the film make realistic show for terrorism. Director endeavor to show plane’s environment and people’s status, which seemly make us feel that it would happen to everyone, it is also our response to face hopeless situation. Then scene of <flight 93> may fulfill touching, warmth feeling of human, but behind these feelings of farewell is still terrorism’s dark hand which hang over everyone.

    flight 93 movie screenshot
    flight 93 movie screenshot 
  3.  <homeland>
    it is one modified by Israel’s episode, its anti-terror, suspicion subject American television. ‘Homeland’ tell us truth, terrorist are not look like with thick beard, sinister eyesight, oppositely, they may live exit beside everyone else. Often when disaster happened, people felt regret somehow but it’s too late. So, ‘homeland’ shows terrorism with different angles further real, and once emphasis its threat coming from silence but with horrible violent ending.

    homeland move screenshot
    homeland move screenshot

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