Top 10 80s Songs in the Grand Theft Auto Series

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Courtesy of The Amazing Adventures Of Peadar Thiago and Barry (Facebook)
Courtesy of The Amazing Adventures Of Peadar Thiago and Barry (Facebook)

To coincide with latest podcast The Amazing Adventures of Peadar, Thiago & Barry, an 80s special. We are going to give you a top 10 of 80s songs from the Grand Theft Auto Series.

Let’s be honest, a guilty pleasure for any gamer who has played the Grand Theft Auto Series was the radio. I am sure all who have played will have their favourites, their secret indulgences and their least favourites. But now to celebrate the Amazing Adventures Of Peadar, Thiago & Barry 80s special, I have decided to compile the very best (or worst depending on how you see it) 80s songs from one of the greatest selling game franchises of all time.

The Amazing Adventures of Peadar, Thiago & Barry, formerly of Griff FM, now run a weekly podcast which is recorded in Griffith College and is now featured on Irish Lads website

It is uploaded every Friday and you can click just below here for the latest podcast which of course is the 80s special.

Here is our Top 10.

10. Desert Rose Band – One Step Forward

A guilty pleasure of all GTA fans is of course the country music and this is perhaps the best example of country music in GTA is this. Released in 1987, this country classic featured in GTA: San Andreas. It reached number 2 on the US country chart.

9. Hall and Oates – Out Of Touch

Although this 1987 hit was not successful on this side of the Atlantic, it did reach number 1 in the US. It featured on GTA: Vice City on Flash FM.

8. Kim Wilde – Kids in America

This classic was released was in January 1981 and reached number 2 in the Irish Chart and the UK chart. It featured on Wave 103 in GTA: Vice City.

7. Nena – 99 Luftballons

Although also released in English, it was the German version that featured in GTA: Vice City. It’s English version reached number 2 here in Ireland. It was originally released in 1983 but reached our shores in 1984

6. Spandau Ballet – Gold

This British hit reached number 2 in the UK. It’s yet another classic from Vice City but this is expected as Vice City is based in the 80s.

5. Wang Chung – Dance hall days

Flash FM featured this track in Vice City. It was released in January 1984. It reached number 12 in our charts here. It has had some success in the past few years and even featured in Breaking Bad.

4. Toto – Africa

This song was released in 1982 and is one of the most successful of any GTA track.  It reached 3 in the UK, number 2 here and number 1 in the US and even went Gold.

3. Michael Jackson – Billie Jean

Not the only Michael Jackson song to feature in GTA but undoubtedly the most famous. It was featured on the album Thriller which is one of the greatest selling albums of all time. It was at number 1 in the US for an outstanding 9 weeks during 1983. It also reached number 1 both here and in the UK.

2. The Buggles – Video Killed the Radio Star

This one-hit-wonder was recorded in 1978 but it’s remembered as an 80s classic. It was the very first song played on MTV in 1981. Although not relatively successful in the US, it did reach number 1 here and in the UK. It’s yet another hit from Vice City.

1. Paul Engemann – Push it to the Limit

This song had relatively little chart success but became a cult hit after featuring in the 1983 movie Scarface. It featured on Grand Theft Auto III. It has also featured in several TV programmes in the last ten years including South Park, American Dad and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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Let us know what you think of this top 10, do you agree or disagree? Feel free to comment!!


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