Too much dog poop in the streets of Dublin?

Can this be the solution?

One can wonder how hard it is to pick up after a dog who does his business in the middle of the street.

A simple five minute walk to school can become very miserable if you step in fresh dog poop before you even have the first cup of coffee in the morning.

As one of my friends said when talking about the subject; I tend to look straight down at all times when I walk, just so I don´t step in dog sh*t, it´s just so annoying.

Daniel O´Brian has lived in Dublin for over ten years, and has stepped in dog poop more than once during that time.

“Around this area there is a lot more shit in the streets, than if you walk down to the city center or over at the Portobello area”, he says and points his finger down South Circular Road.

” Why do you think some people just don´t care?”

“Well, most dog owners I see, do pick it up. But I think some individuals believes that dog sh*t is not the same as littering, and because of that, don´t see the point”, he says and shakes his head.

South Circular Road is one of the streets in Dublin where the dog poop is taking over the street.
Photo: Anita Bakk Henriksen

The law is very clear though. The current on-the-spot fine for dog fouling offences is 150 euro, and can be imposed by a litter warden, a dog warden or a member of the Garda Síochána. Dog dirt is a health hazard, and children are often the ones who might be affected by someone else’s failure to ‘do the right thing’

“Where faeces has been deposited by a dog in any place to which this subsection applies, the person in charge of the dog shall immediately remove the faeces and ensure that it is properly disposed of in a suitable sanitary manner”, says Vincent Potter with the Press and Information Office of Department of the Environment at the Community and Local Government.


When you buy a dog you have to have a license. A dog license costs 20 euro and is valid for one year from the date of issue of the license, and can be bought at any post office.

During 2012 11,341 licenses were given in Dublin, but when you count the dogs who are not registered, the number are considerable higher.How will this city look like if nobody takes responsibility to pick up after their own dog?

Do you think it is too much dog poop in the streets of Dublin?


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