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Tom and Jerry: The movie 2021 Review

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay
Tom and Jerry trailer

Directed by Tim Story

Written by William Hanna, Joseph Barbera, Kevin Costello.

Rating: PG (Rude Humor|Cartoon Violence|Brief Language)

Genre: Comedy, Kids And Family

I watched Tom and Jerry: the movie (2021) over a week ago, and I still haven’t stopped thinking about it. The thought of my childhood animation coming into the real world was thrilling. I was anxious to watch it at the same time nervous because I kept thinking, what if it did not meet my expectations. Well, most of my expectations were indeed met.

The movie begins with Jerry moving to New York’s finest hotel, Royal gate. He caused a disaster in the kitchen which made Kayla (Chloe Grace Montez), a girl who lied about her resume to get a job at the hotel, suggest bringing Tom to catch him. The legendary rival between Tom and Jerry caused a lot of mishap in the hotel.

The plot really speaks for itself. I love how they made it not just about Tom and Jerry, even though they were the ones that brought the story together. The story of Kayla (Chloe Grace Montez) and the couple Preeta (Pallavi Sharda) and Ben (Colin Jost) was really endearing. There was an excellent comedy. Preeta and Ben’s story showed a little bit of romance and a pinch of misunderstanding between the couple that almost broke them apart.

The cunny act of Mr Terrance (Micheal Pena), which destroyed Preeta and Ben’s first wedding, introduced a villain in the plot but he rectified his mistake at the end. I would not say he the villain because he committed one dubious act which was to get back at Kayla for taking his job, but someone has to be the villain and he was the only one who did something that fits the part in the movie.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

It also gives a little bit of deception with Kayla on how she lied about her resume to get a job at the Royal gate Hotel.

The script was brilliant and unique. The funny lines were really hilarious and had me out of my chair laughing more than once. There were no dull or boring moments in the movie.  The actors were really good and outstanding in making everything look realistic. The graphics were ok because frankly I expected more but it looked realistic enough.

Yes, some people seem to have their criticism over the movie like it’s not focused on Tom and Jerry so that means it is not really child friendly. Some seem to have problem with how they displayed the Indian culture while some felt that the actors were not comfortable with their characters. I mean nobody is perfect, there are bound to be some mistakes, but I did not find them very noticeable. 

I would recommend to everyone. It’s funny, has animations and a good cast who brought the plot to life. It is really suitable for family movie night. People that are just into the antics of Tom and Jerry would find a bit of problem watching it because it is not only focused on them but the other cast as well. It’s a movie that you can watch more than once because you don’t get bored of it easily. I would rate the movie a 7/10.

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11 Responses

  1. I’ve been holding back on watching this because I don’t want my childhood memories of Tom and jerry ruined. reading this review has given me all I need to know about it. I’m definitely watching it this weekend

  2. Really Good come back. This review makes me want to watch it like now. Can’t wait to watch the movie.

  3. It is really a funny movie.The little humour I watched really made me laugh. Even though I have not watched the movie yet,I will definitely watch it in my free time.Its the kind that can help some one have a laugh, and unwind from a busy day.

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