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Tips to Overcome Anxiety

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Have you ever had the feeling of being late? And when I say that, I don’t mean for a meeting or event that you had planned in advance, but in life. According to The Guardian, research by British psychologists shows that young people in their 20s and 30s are likely to suffer from this sense of that, which can actually be classified as anxiety. All this due to charges, such as having a job, house, car, and dream relationship, when sometimes we don’t even know what profession to follow.

“It is supposed to be the time of opportunity and adventure, before mortgages and marriage have taken their toll. But struggling to cope with anxieties about jobs, unemployment, debt and relationships, many young adults are experiencing a “quarterlife crisis”, according to new research by British psychologists. ”

According to psychologist Adriana de Araújo, anxiety is a state characterized by fear, apprehension, malaise, discomfort, insecurity, the strangeness of the environment or of itself, and, very often, by the feeling that something unpleasant is about to happen.

Among the most common physical symptoms are:
Excessive sweat
Shortness of breath
Tremors in the extremities
Muscle tension
Dry mouth

While the most common mental manifestations of anxiety are the following:
Concentration problems
Fear and feeling that something bad is going to happen at any moment
Uncontrolled thoughts
Exaggerated concern
Sleep problems.

In some cases, the patient diagnosed with anxiety needs medication to overcome the disease and be able to have a healthy and light life, however, there are other tips that are key in helping to prevent and treat the illness:

1. Practice physical activities

The most common way to control anxiety is to exercise, this is also a tip that the experts from drug rehab in Clearwater suggests its patients. Practicing physical activities helps to deal with anxiety states because it increases the production of serotonin, a substance that increases the sensation of pleasure. You can also visit Miami treatment centers for proper treatment.

2. Try to control your breathing
To reduce the reactions of the autonomic nervous system, we must control breathing. This can be done by pacing the breath and inhaling slowly through the nose, with the mouth closed.

3. Keep your attention on the present
When your mind is fully devoted to the present moment, you have full capacity for analysis, judgment, and action; therefore, this is a good way to control anxiety.

4. Organize your day in advance
One of the great villains of anxiety is the mess, it is the disorder that is created in the midst of chaos. If you organize your chores in advance and leave everything prepared according to your schedule, the chances of being caught on the counter for an unforeseen event will decrease.

5. Avoid having negative thoughts
The feeling that anxiety disorder brings is not at all pleasant, so avoid attracting even more negative thoughts, which add nothing. Of course, sometimes it is not just a matter of wanting. The important thing is to try to exercise your positivity.

After including these magnificent tips in your daily life, I’m sure the anxiety will go away and turn into a better and healthier life. However, keep in mind that ask for help it is nothing to be ashamed of, a professional is always the best option and better person to advise on what it’s more appropriated to do.

And what do you do to overcome anxiety? Post a comment in the box below. Sharing is caring 🙂

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