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Huawei Snapys Matsterclass. - Photo Credit: Joe Ladrigan.
Snapys - Photo Credit: Joe-Ladrigan
Snapys – Photo Credit: Joe-Ladrigan

Considering social media is a big part of many people’s lives, from messenger apps to timelapse, Huawei and digital agency Connector have come together in recent years to make the Huawei Snapys an invaluable platform from bringing the brand and photographers of all levels to prominence.

Last week, a free Social Media Masterclass was held in the heart of Temple Bar, novices and dab-hands with phones and cameras were given a chance to learn what makes a good photo on Instagram, while also taking in tips from the agency and people who make a living out of it.

Connector CEO, Conor Lynch, presented some slides on how to utilise social media alongside Instagram, Darragh Doyle interviewed Tara from ‘Taraustralis’ and animal selfie maestro, Allan Dixon rounded off the evening with a Live Q&A all the way from Australia.

Perhaps many wonder why both Huawei and Connector chose Instagram as the social network to launch their competition, well that was exactly what Connector CEO Conor Lynch proceeded to do. For both companies, the statistics made sense. Instagram has over 500 million monthly users, which for them offers a greater engagement ratio almost eight times greater than other platforms. But just how do you get those sort of analytics flowing for your profile? Here are a few tips:

Personal Hashtags:

Hashtags are key on Instagram, it can be the difference from twenty people liking your photo to ten times that. A personal one will allow users to track your posts, so make sure it is memorable, short, and unique.

Establish Your Niche:

Make it obvious that what you post about is relevant to your work/hobby. If it is your passion, demonstrate this in your subjects.  Be repetitive without being boring.

Create Quality Content:

Ask yourself are the images you post aesthetically pleasing ? Do something creative and get your point across. Tell a visual story. Just like writing, show emotion in the images and make sure the quality is at the minimum, reasonable.


Posting in the middle of the night when your audience is asleep is not going to help your post gain traction.  Find the optimum times that your target audience are active. Be consistent also, you may not have a target timezone so keeping users fueled with your latest posts daily is a trick that should reap the rewards of the time you spend on it.

Be Authentic

When users or followers engage with your posts, do the same back. Check out what they have got going on in their feeds and respond with genuine answers.  Build a network by generating discussion through your posts. Sharing across platforms with Instagram’s built in publishing tools has never made it so easy.

Do Not Buy Follower:

It really is that simple.  If you engage correctly with followers as usual you can build a brand or collection using Instagram. Buying followers hollows out any meaningful objective in your posts and in the long run can cost you dearly. Like the previous tip, be authentic and if your niche is solid, you will have no problem.

Huawei Snapys

This is a competition that has gotten serious results for both Connector and Huawei in promoting their product. Aside from that, you will find that if your skill really is a mix of a good eye and excellent editing skills, then this could be your big break.

The overall prize of the Snapys is an all expenses paid trip to Shenzhen in China for a week, where you will join 10 winners from other European countries to create images that will later be published across the web by Huawei. There are also prizes per category too which you can check out here.

As for the categories themselves, you have a choice of Beauty, Food, Ireland, Pets, and many more you can see here. It really is easy to enter and use this opportunity to get your skills noticed on a national level.

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