Tinder vs HappN

I saw you on Tinder credit photo Denis Bocquet (flickr)
I saw you on Tinder credit photo Denis Boquet

Most of you may know may the famous apps Tinder and HappN. They are two applications to meet people (love?) around you. They seem to have the exact same characteristics but in reality, they do not.

Tinder is a free mobile application launched in 2012 by two young American.  It allows to ‘match’ people from imported Facebook profiles. Profiles come up one per one and thanks to a simple swipe, you can have the power to decide if you like it or not. 

It starts here‘ is its slogan.

It’s a Match’ is the amaaazing seduction vocabulary.

How does it work? The user secretly ‘likes’ a profile : if there is reciprocity, the seduction per message can begin, otherwise the profile is lost forever.

But…both applications are not without a few mishaps!

For Tinder, to like someone without having done it on purpose, to get a rough match to assume and to handle with are embarrassing things that happen the most, according to its users. It’s simple, fast, effective. The setup menu is very simple. There are not ten thousand search criteria. Just three: sex, age group and geographic area.

With the new updated Tinder application, it is also possible to select the profiles that interest users anywhere. It permits its users to increase their chances to get a match from a woman or a man abroad. Cross the borders!

It's a match! www.focusur.fr
It’s a match! www.focusur.fr

The app is free and Tinder gets hundreds of thousands of followers every day. Worse than this though, it is becoming increasingly difficult to figure out whether people there are  real persons.

There are still over 15 million matches a day!

What about HappN ?…

It’s a new dating app that launched in France two years ago ago and has been spread to the UK and Germany. It’s got a lot of buzz around it – 100,000 people signed up for the app in the first five weeks. Happn’s tagline is ‘find the people you’ve crossed paths with’, which it does by helping you discover other singles within a 250m radius.

It works by simple geolocation: if the person you liked has liked you as well,  your profiles (first name, job, picture) will show up on each other’s devices, imported from Facebook.

The biggest difference between Tinder and Happn is that Happn offers profiles of people who frequent the same places you and with whom you have potentially interestest in common.

Users have to sign up, and it creates a profile using Facebook pictures, select the age and gender preferences. People can then start scrolling around for anyone they want.

Though the app is free, charms must be purchased ( 10 for $1.99 in the UK ). Happn has just reached 80,000 users in New York.

Shift Happens credit photo Pilot Theatre (flickr)
Shift Happens credit photo Pilot Theatre (flickr)

The ability to send “charms” – a notification that the object of affection will definitely receive, is possibly an advantage, as it means that people do not have to wait endlessly to see if they have a match. It’s definitely for young people mostly.

People are able to send charms, without having to wait for a mutual ‘like’.

Happn is much like Tinder in the way that it creates your dating profile by hooking up to your Facebook, but you have the full name of the person.

You don’t have to wait for a mutual like, though, you can just go for it and send a ‘charm’, which they will definitely see. If you don’t get a ‘crush’ after that you can safely assume this particular user isn’t interested.

Good luck with that!

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