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Tinder and Cheesy Pick-Up Lines Podcast.

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Advantages of Tinder One can actually find true love, but does anyone actually find true love? Many people out there have claimed that they have actually found true love on Tinder. Rory Corbett and Andy Martin discuss the cheesiest and most daring  pick-up lines they have ever used. With tinder, you tend to get many options at a time and you are likely to find a true match. Many people use tinder for casual hook ups but as we learn in this podcast some don’t use the app at all. What’s the nest pick up line you’ve ever heard? “Would you rather be chased by one hundred duck size horses or one horse sized duck? … “I’d rather be chased by you.” “I personally don’t use tinder” Andy said, “I used it a little bit a few years ago, but not anymore.” Rory got himself into hot water by responding to a tweet that a girl he knew posted on twitter. She said “Oh my God, worst day ever, somebody just shoot me” Rory replied “Bang.” Much to our surprise that was the start of a romantic situationship, although we would not advise our listeners to use this method. Rory said he knew the girl as a friend already and so he knew that she would get his humour. Some men seem to save themselves the cost of an only fans page and have the ability to squeeze x- rated pictures from someone obliging ladies.

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