Tilbakeblikk: Photographs showing the changes in Norwegian landscape

Dalevegen, Rennesøy
A road in Norway in 1940 and 2014. Dalevegen, Rennesøy Municipality, Rogaland. Photo Credit: NN &
Oskar Puschmann.

How much does nature and landscape change over the years? That is what the project Tilbakeblikk wants to showcase with their photography exhibition of Norwegian landscape.

The project, which is a collaboration between the Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute and Norsk Folkemuseum (The Norwegian Folk Museum), is a collection of photographs from all of Norway.

Cultural identity 

With the project they wish to spark debate about landscape development, especially within the field of agriculture. In Norway a lot of the cultural identity has its roots in nature. If you look at the photographs it is easy to see that many places have been preserved well.

The word tilbakeblikk means “in retrospect” or “looking back at”. That is what photographer and geographer Oskar Puschmann has done. He went back to the places where the old pictures were taken, and recreated them.

Whether or not a pair of photographs is interesting, depends on their ability to tell us something. This does not necessarily mean that great changes need to have taken place. It may be just as interesting to see where there has been no change or where changes are just beginning.

The older pictures are from 1865-1965, while the recreated pictures are from 2002-2015.

Agricultural change

A recent study by European Environment Agency found that cultural landscape in Europe is disappearing. One of the reasons is the change in agriculture.

Along with it a lot of species are going extinct as well.

Take a look at the slideshow below for a selection of photographs from the project. 

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If you go to their site you can click on the map and choose different places in Norway. They also have a Facebook page with a lot of the photographs easily available.

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